Toyota pulls ads from the Olympics

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Toyota pulls ads from the Olympics

  • Sponsoring the Tokyo Olympics, Toyota will not broadcast Olympic-related TV commercials during the Games.
  • Top Toyota executives are not leaving the opening ceremony of the Olympics.
  • Cases of the Cowboys 19 are on the rise in Tokyo, and many are calling for the game to be canceled due to safety concerns.

Toyota Motor Corporation, one of the top corporate sponsors of the Tokyo Olympics, has been pulling out TV commercials related to the Olympics, a senior executive of the company announced on Monday.

In addition, Toyota CEO Aqua Toyoda and other senior executives will walk out of the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

Toyota will still provide a fleet of more than 3,000 sports vehicles, the company’s chief communications officer, Jun Nagata, told Japanese shop Yumori.

Earlier this year, Toyota filmed a TV spot in which 200 or more players sponsored the company.

Nagata declined to say why the company was pulling out of its Olympic-themed venues, although he said there were still “things I don’t understand” about the games that would take place this Friday.

Some have speculated that the move is aimed at diverting carmakers from annoying and increasingly unpopular sports.

Covid 19 infections continue to rise in Tokyo. Last week, the city reported the highest number of CoVID-19 incidents in two months, prompting many to call for the Games to be canceled.

A June poll by the conservative Japanese news site Asahi Shimbun found that about 48% of Japanese people want to cancel the Games.

On Sunday, two members of the South African football team tested positive for COVID-19. On Monday, 17-year-old American tennis star Coco Goff announced that she would withdraw from the sport after testing positive for the virus.

Toyota has arrived for an internal comment.

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