Tough Connections: Missouri Senate Nominee Hopes Trump Will Notice Neckwear | Missouri

The Senate candidates endorsed by Donald Trump recently, from candidate Sean Parnell, have struggled withdrawal In Pennsylvania while former NFL star Herschel Walker denied allegations of domestic violence Angry party leaders With his trip in Georgia.

But for one candidate for the Republican nomination in MissouriCongressman Billy Long, the former president’s endorsement still carries the ultimate weight.

“If supported in this race,” the 66-year-old Tell POLITICO, “I don’t care who’s in favor of it, it’s over… and that’s what I’m trying to convince him of is, you know, ‘You need to get into this race and put an end to it. “”

Long said he would say to the ex-president, “You’re looking at the guy who’s been with you since day one.” He never left. I mean, look at that necktie.”

The former auctioneer duly showed his neckline, a gold striped number signed, apparently in Sharpie’s signature, by Trump himself.

Long said Trump signed the $37 tie in Nevada in 2016, when Long spoke on his behalf. long ago – and auction Other links Signed by the President, including a stark example showing the flags and caricatures Long wore for the State of the Union in 2019.

Trump’s private relationships played a prominent role in the 2016 election and beyond.

In 2015, Macy’s made news when she Projection Trump menswear line – many Addresses He said the retail giant was “cutting off ties” – over his racist remarks about Mexicans at the launch of his campaign.

In 2019, former New Jersey governor and Trump ally Chris Christie I showed Trump advised him to wear longer ties to appear thinner.

Politico described Long as “built like a man of footsteps” and said he spoke in a thick “Misura” voice. In Missoura, whose other senator is controversial pro-Trump Josh Hawley, there is plenty of room battling to replace retired Roy Blunt.

single filter, Mark McCluskey, shot to fame in 2020 when he and his wife aimed their guns at protesters for racial justice near their home in St. Louis. Both Admission of guilt for misdemeanour. Another, Eric Grettens, Resigned as Governor in 2018amidst scandals sex and campaign finance. Criminal charges were dropped.

Long wears a Trump-signed tie at a White House party for the St. Louis Blues hockey team.
Long wears a Trump-signed tie at a White House party for the St. Louis Blues hockey team. Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Speaking to Politico, Long dubbed the Green Party “the candidate of Chuck Schumer,” a reference to the Democratic leader who will defend control of the Senate next year, hoping to face weak or controversial Republicans in major countries.

“Billy Long is a far better comedian than being a candidate for the Senate,” a spokesperson for Al Khareeth told Politico.

Observers, including Blunt, said that Long, who also used to distribute fake money Trump’s face on itHe has a chance of winning Trump’s endorsement.

But although Long They voted to protest To the 2020 Electoral College results, he also recognized Joe Biden as president, thus failing a major test in a party in the grip of Trump.

He told Politico a long time ago that he wouldn’t follow him Its leader in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthyTo Florida to worship the golden idol of the party.

I have someone who says: call him, call him every day. ‘Go and sit at Mar-a-Lago and tell him you won’t leave until he agrees,’ said Long. “I’m smart enough to know this won’t be endorsed Donald Trump. “

Others might say it would be.

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