Tottenham fan’s 4,000-mile trip to postpone Burnley match, Harry Kane pointed out in his own words

For Spurs fans who have made the difficult journey in difficult conditions until Burnley have only been told the match was halted 45 minutes before kick-off, at least they didn’t go 4,000 miles to get there.

With trains out of London replacing shuttle services due to engineering work after Preston and Manchester and heavy snowfall in and around Burnley, the journey to get to Turf Moor was already treacherous.

Then just 45 minutes before kick-off, Burnley have to wait Antonio ConteDelayed arrival of the Spurs team to play their part in the decision, the match was postponed as snow continued to fall on the field.

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travel Tottenham Fans turned around and went straight home amid the white stuff or stopped for a while in town hoping it would stop.

For two Spurs fans – Kane and Brandy Saxton – the decision to cancel the match was a comical sideline of their long journey from Dallas in the US to the snow-covered hills of Burnley and left it up to the Spurs striker to save the day. .

Ken begins the story of their journey from here.

“Brandy and I started our flight from Dallas at about 7 a.m. on Friday. We flew three hours from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Washington, D.C. for the layover. About an hour later, we boarded our flight to Heathrow and flew another seven hours and – a half an hour” football. London.

“When we landed, we made the mistake of trying to drag our luggage through the tube system to go and take Covid tests, as per UK requirements, and then to where we are staying.

“We dropped off our luggage and packed a small suitcase and took the tube from Canary Wharf to Euston to catch the rail to Burnley, but because of the engineering, the train was only going to Preston.

“It worked and we were able to get to Burnley at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday night. We walked about a mile to the hotel, checked in and when I looked at the time I realized it had been about 32 hours since we had originally woken up on Friday.”

Then on Sunday, it started to snow as fate decided to change the plans for the day of the match.

“We woke up and it started snowing. We took a taxi to meet some friends from Stoke who are Spurs fans and a bunch of others at Star Pub,” Kane said.

“Then about 30 minutes after arriving at the pub we got news that the match had been postponed. Due to the weather our friends were only able to talk for another hour but then had to leave to start driving again because they were working in the morning so we just stopped We watched matches on TV, shared a pie, some chips and a few pints.

“Then we made our way on foot to another pub next to Turf Moor and visited with a few diners there for a few hours before heading back to our hotel.

“Fortunately, this is not the end of the trip for us as we are looking forward to seeing Brentford on Thursday and Norwich on Sunday bar no works of God!”

Brandy and Ken Saxton on their way to Burnley before the match against Tottenham was postponed
Brandy and Ken Saxton on their way to Burnley before the match against Tottenham was postponed

The pair’s day did not end there although it followed a special turn as it came to a close.

Kane had tweeted during their flight before the postponement: “From Dallas to London to Burnley (roughly there) 31 hours – sleepless – fueled by coffee, cheese crackers and more coffee.

“The freezing temperatures and snow forecast for match day. The things we do when you love your club.”

That tweet found its way to something Harry King And just before 9 p.m., when he and the team got home, he answered.

This tweet was just sent out and totally scrapped for you! he wrote.

“For your commitment and to make up for the cancellation of the match, I would like to invite you to a home match as my guest when you are next in London.”

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That gesture toppled Kane and Brandy for six years and led to a positive end to a disappointing day.

“It’s humble and simply, special,” he said. football. London. “It just shows how generous he is as a person and as a representative for Tottenham Hotspur.

“This is even more apparent in light of the negative comments that have been made since all the rumors and speculation that surrounded the desire to move last summer.

“When something like this happens, it puts football in context and allows the human element (not just the player and the fan) to be in the spotlight.

“To be a very small part of that, again, is such a humbling and a very special moment that I will forever take with me.”


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