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the The first major bid for the Afaq 2022 project begins As over 100 NFL hopefuls spend the week in Mobile, Ala. Trying to impress CEOs, coaches, and scouts at the Senior Bowl.

Due to the extra year of eligibility the NCAA has awarded college athletes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the class of 2022 is seen as one of the deepest in a decade.

This means that many late picks can become starters in the NFL. Therefore, teams with a keen interest in spotting talent can enjoy prospects that catch their eye during the three days of training, and an exhibition match on Saturday.

Here’s a look at ten potential drafts to watch closely because their performance this week could boost or distort their test stock:

Utah LB Devin Lloyd

Some say this hitter is the best prospect in Senior Ball. Lloyd, who has scored 256 tackles, 15.5 sacks and five interceptions over his four seasons, needs to prove he’s a three-way midfielder, and he has to do so by holding onto tight ends and backs as if they had been stapled.

Pittsburgh Kenny Beckett

The 52 starts under his belt, making him the most experienced quarterback in this draft class. Beckett, who threw for 4,319 yards with 42 touchdowns and seven interceptions last season, should prove he can read coverages and make needed throws in training this week.

Auburn CB Roger McCreary

It’s one of the best coverage angles of this class and has covered some of the best receivers college football has to offer. McCreary exits a season 42 tackle where he brought back one of his interceptions for relegation.

Liberty QB owner Willis

A double-threat quarterback with two years of experience starting at the college level, Willis is a dynamic playmaker with his arm and legs. He’s 6ft 1 tall but has the ability to handle the physical contact that comes with being a defensive midfielder. A solid week could push him up the draft board, allowing him to become the first QB to be selected.

Northern Iowa OT Trevor Benning

Penning, who is 6-foot-7, is a hitter in the running game. He can play on both sides of the offensive line, but this is his chance to prove that he’s a left-hander in the NFL. Doing so might push him into the first round.

Penn State WR Jahan Dotson

Dotson, who had 2,757 yards in assists and scored 25 touchdowns, could be a deep ball threat but teams will fall in love with his speed and yards ability. His size (5-11) and frame could push him further down the draft board if he’s struggling to give up press coverage this week.

Central Michigan and Bernard Rayman

Raimann, who came to the United States from Austria as a foreign exchange student, is a tall, reliable blocker with long arms, good agility and a strong initial punch. It knocks the rush out of their place, constantly opening the jogging lanes. He played in college, but could be best suited to guard in the NFL.

Colorado State TE Tree McBride

McBride is the typical old-school, inline narrow-end that’s a willing blocker and polished track runner. McBride, who contributed 2,100 yards and scored 10 touchdowns during his four seasons, could lock the spot as the best tight end in this draft with a solid week of training, where he explains why he’s been dropped only once in 2021.

Minnesota OT Daniel Valle

At 6-foot-9, 380-pound comparisons to Trent Brown are expected. It doesn’t hurt that Faalele has decent motor skills, and only allowed one bag in the last season of the Golden Gophers. How athletic and strong he looks this week against an NFL talent of a caliber could boost his inventory.

San Diego de Cameron Thomas

Thomas is a traditional 4-3 defensive tackle who is fierce from a blitz and has an impressive array of fast passing tools. Some draft experts say he doesn’t have a major weakness in his game and can’t be resolved, and therefore has a high ceiling, and is seen as a safe choice.

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