Top Internal Health Stories for August 26th.

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Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Nurse Elizabeth Johnson administered the Covid 19 vaccine to Melissa Mendes in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Reading Entity / Media News Group / Eagle / Getty Images.

J&J says its single dose of COVID-19 vaccine booster shot raises antibody levels and can be given eight months after the first dose

  • Johnson & Johnson’s only dose The second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine boosted antibodies in a small study.
  • After the second dose, the antibody level was nine times higher than the original.
  • The company plans to meet with US health officials to discuss the possibility of administering the booster eight months after the first dose.


Covid vaccine card

COVID-19 vaccine card at the Brixham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Burns Township, Pennsylvania on January 19, 2021.

Ben Entity / Media News Group / Reading Eagle / Getty Images.

Report: The Biden administration will likely recommend Covid 19 booster shots six months later instead of eight.

  • The Biden administration will approve COVID-19 booster shots for potentially immunized adults, according to the Wall Street Journal.
  • The administration had earlier said it would call for a booster for eight months.
  • The move is based on data from vaccine makers on a six-month booster shot schedule.

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Clinical Trial Lab Research Drug Medicine.

Clinical Trial Lab Research Drug Medicine.


There is a problem with diversity in clinical trials, but tech may not be the answer.

  • Startups are bringing together millions of people using state-of-the-art marketing and messaging technology to reach more ethnically and socio-economically diverse patients.
  • Clinical trials generally underestimate ethnic minorities, although the development of the COVID-19 vaccine has highlighted this problem for large pharmaceutical companies.
  • Equity experts say the technology may not address the real issues that keep minorities out of clinical trials, including a lack of access to healthcare.

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