Top 10 Reasons to Enter Search Engine Land Awards

Global events over the past two years have made it even more important for brands and agencies. Stand up against the competition. Being able to call your company “award-winning” is one of the most powerful discriminators you have.

That’s just an amazing reason. Enter the 2021 Search Engine Land Awards.. Keep reading for more.

End date warning: Your Search Engine Land Awards submission deadline is next. Friday, September 3 at 11:59 PM PST.. Start your application now!

  1. Show extraordinary work. The campaigns and initiatives shown to you in your application will show the judges, the community and the industry how talented you and your team are.
  2. Create a new business. Customers and clients want to work with the best in Buzz. And when you take the Search Engine Land Award home, you will be exactly that.
  3. Beware existing customers and clients. Putting the new job aside, your existing contacts will be happy to let your circle know that they are affiliated with an award-winning company.
  4. Encourage the company. Winning the Search Engine Land Award is a great way to highlight your hard-working colleagues and appreciate their hard work. You will continue to ride these good feelings for years to come.
  5. Get international recognition. Search Engine Land Award winners – such as Search Engine Land Readers – come from all over the world. When you win, you will be with some of the most extraordinary organizations in the world.
  6. Get the right to brag. The new business is great. The definition of industry is humble. Boasting for friends, family and your entire LinkedIn network is not a worthwhile benefit!
  7. Wave from the first page of Search Engine Land. As a Search Engine Land Award winner, you will be featured in Editorial Coverage on Search Engine Land, the industry publication of records.
  8. Enjoy the potential opportunities to speak at the Search Marketing Expo (SMX). Search Engine Land Award winners are often invited to speak at our sister conference, SMX – another opportunity to showcase your expertise and raise brand awareness.
  9. Show off a great trophy. Because, at the end of the day, who doesn’t love to see something beautiful and shiny?
  10. Get the most out of your home search. Of. Most Respected. Search in This is your field. This is your career. This is your chance. You deserve this honor.

There is only one catch: you have to submit. Friday, September 3 at 11:59 PM PST.. The submission process is faster and easier than ever. What are you waiting for? Start your application now.

There are standard admission fees. $ 595 per request. – And you can get as many people as you want. Types As you wish.

Our judges are looking forward to reviewing your work. Best wishes to you and your team!

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Lauren Donovan has been working in online marketing since 2006, specializing in event marketing, content management, organic and paid social media, community and reputation management, and real-time journalism. She is currently serving as Director of Marketing at Third Door Media – producer of the Search Marketing Expo and Martic Conference series and publisher of Search Engine Land and Martic.

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