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It may surprise us, but in our current situation, when everyone’s voice is louder than ever and has a greater impact on the public, it is suddenly important. You will not take your car to a mechanic who did not know how to fix the car, and every one of us should have at least a high standard of knowledge.

Everyone around us needs to know this:


Bacterial theory.

Infectious diseases

Decision making

Propaganda and stagnation.

Semiotics and prejudice.

The mechanics of global weather.

Network effects.

And artificial intelligence.

Either we are the makers of our future or we are the victims. And if we do not understand these basic components of how the world works, our actions can harm our goals as well as the people around us.

The world is changing fast and we are all more connected than ever. The good news is that these are all skills, they can be learned and it is important that we teach them to others.

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