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(CNN) – Tony Bennett has won over generations of fans chanting “I left my heart in San Francisco.” And on his 95th birthday, the beloved singer left his heart on stage at Radio City Music Hall.

Six months later, Bennett and his family It was revealed that he suffers from Alzheimer’s diseaseBennett sang alongside Lady Gaga before sold-out crowds at two concerts in early August. It was described as his last performance in New York.

Now the rest of the world has a chance to see the animated show on August 3 of the TV special, “One Last Time: An Evening with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga,” which aired Sunday on CBS.

In addition to his signature song, Bennett has performed hits such as “Fly Me to the Moon”, “Steppin’ Out With My Baby” and duets with Lady Gaga including “Love For Sale” and “Anything Goes”.

His family said that Bennett sometimes did not know where he was and what was happening around him. But on the stage of the TV special, the legendary artist did not miss a beat.

Lady Gaga was devastated, zipping off “New York, NY” before Bennett even took the stage, when she stopped to talk about it.

He’s my friend. He’s my musical companion. And he’s the greatest singer in the whole world. And I’m counting on you, New York, to make him smile. So you’d better cheer. “.

Radio City’s music hall audience held the end of the deal. Bennett got his first standing ovation before singing a tune – and he got at least a dozen more into the night.

On “Fly Me to the Moon,” when he was singing the line, “Let me sing more forever,” the audience broke into cheers. On one occasion, she pointed the camera at an audience member yelling, “We love you!”

Bennett, whose singing career spans eight decades, is no stranger to performing in front of crowds of fans. However, before the concert, Family members told ’60 Minutes’ that they weren’t sure what would happen during the show.

But wife Susan Benedetto said that as soon as she saw him on stage that night, his eyes shining and his arms outstretched toward the crowd, she knew everything would be all right.

It became the same. It just turned. It was like a light switch, “60 Minutes” on a segment that aired last month.

This is because music and performance are very ingrained in the singer, according to Bennett’s neurologist, Dr. Gayatri Devi.

“People respond differently based on their strengths. In Tony’s case, his musical memory is his ability to be a performer. So even though he doesn’t know what it might be like today, or where his apartment is,” Davey said on “60 Minutes.” He can still sing a whole bunch of American songs and get people moving.”

Bennett released his debut album with Lady Gaga in 2014. Their latest collaboration, a tribute album to Cole Porter titled “Love For Sale,” was released in October. last week it He received six Grammy nominations.

After Lady Gaga’s nominations BBC Radio 2 “The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show” It’s heartbreaking to watch what Bennett is going through. She told “60 Minutes” that Bennett had been calling her “sweetheart” every time she’d seen him since the pandemic began, and she wasn’t sure he knew who she was.

But when I took to the stage to join him during the Radio City Music Hall concert, Bennett seemed to have no doubts. “Wow,” he said, swirling in a shimmering golden dress. “Lady Gaga!”

A look of joy appeared on Lady Gaga’s face. She bowed her head in her hands before making another turn.

Lady Gaga said on “60 Minutes.” “But I’ll tell you, when I came out on that platform, and he said to me, ‘Lady Gaga,’ my boyfriend saw me, and it was so special.”

Following the success of the Radio City Music Hall shows, Bennett canceled his future tour appearance. His son and manager Danny Bennett Tell Variety that the New York concerts will be the last.

“This was a tough decision for us to make, because he is a capable performer. That, however, is doctors’ orders,” Danny Bennett said. “It’s not the lyrical aspect but the travel. See, he’s tired. The decision was made that going to concerts now is just too much for him.”

Lady Gaga told “60 Minutes” that she heard a powerful message at Bennett’s latest performance at Radio City’s Music Hall.

“It’s not a sad story. It’s emotional. It’s hard to watch someone change. I think the nice thing about this, and what has been challenging, is to see how it affects him in some ways, but to see how it doesn’t affect his talent, “She said. “I think he really pushed through something to give the world the gift of knowing that things can change, and you can still be great.”

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