Tommy Kirk, child star of ‘Old Yeller’, dies at 79

“Old Yeller” star Tommy Kirk Matt, Fox News can confirm. He was 79 years old.

Kirk”old yellerCo-star Beverly Washburn confirmed the actor passed away “peacefully” at his Las Vegas home on Tuesday night.

“He was very likable,” Washburn told Fox News in a statement. “Anyone who has met Tommy can attest to the fact that he was very fan friendly.”

Kirk’s longtime friend Paul Peterson shared a tribute to the actor on Facebook. Peterson also noted Kirk’s love for his fans.

“50s CHILD STAR BEVERLY WASHBURN Recalls Filming of Old Disney Movie “It Was Ruined”

“I hope you know that Tommy Kirk loved you, you liked him,” Peterson Books. “I raised him when an industry let him down in 1965.”

American child actor Tommy Kirk as Travis Coates in the 1957 film Old Yeller.
(Photo by Silver Screen Group/Getty Images)

Kirk was acting success, but he got his big break after playing Travis Coates in “Old Yeller”. The actor went on to star as an all-American Disney teen in A Handful of Films Including “The Shaggy Dog” and “Swiss Family Robinson”.

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Kirk will officially retire from acting by 2006.

Washburn, who also resides in Las Vegas, and Kirk are slated to meet at the upcoming Old Yeller.


The child star of the 1950s used one word to describe Kirk: “cute.”

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