Tom Cruise wanted to land his helicopter at James Corden Park

This was said by James Corden Tom Cruise He wanted to land his helicopter in the garden of the talk show host while filming a movie.

Cruz is working on Mission: Impossible 7and recently sent a text message to Corden trying to connect on her behalf.

Corden said in a recent episode of his ongoing series Late Show.

Corden continued, “Send me a text saying, ‘Where are you staying? And I said, ‘I live in St. John’s Wood,’ which is a very central area of ​​London. ‘Wow, can I land my helicopter there?’ And I assumed he was joking.”

Nevertheless, Cruz persisted. “We’ll make it happen. Can I land my helicopter in your yard? T.”

When Corden responded with a series of laughing emojis, Cruz replied, “Does that mean no?”

During the transfer of the exchange, Corden revealed his phone to the camera that showed his messages between Cruz.

Tom Cruise Credit: Neil Mukford/GC Images

Their conversation happened close to that Cruz A family in Warwickshire surprised by landing by helicopter in their back garden.

Alison Webb and her partner were told “VIP was late” needed to land, only for Cruise to get off the helicopter because Coventry Airport was temporarily closed.

Cruz posed for pictures with the family and offered their children a helicopter ride while he was attending a meeting.

“It was a great day,” Webb said. BBC News. “It was surreal, and I still can’t believe now that it happened.”

Cruz has also recently been featured in Indian restaurant called Asha In Birmingham during the filming of the movie, where he ordered chicken tikka masala twice.

Mission: Impossible 7 It will be released on May 27, 2022.

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