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Tom Brooks took to Instagram to pay tribute to his new girlfriend.

From Tom Brooks. 90 Day Fianc:: The Other Way. Posted a new selfie with his new girlfriend Maria on Instagram, with a catchy caption. Appeared in Seasons 3 and 4 of the Tom Show. Introduced to fans self-made “British boy“Tom, when he appeared. Fianc کی of 90 days: before 90 days Season 3 Connecticut resident and longtime. 90 day fiance. The pair was found online after cast member Darcy Silva Darcy parted ways with a personal trainer, such as a master in Amsterdam. Fianc کی of 90 days: before 90 days The season aired on August 3, 2019, and Tom and Darcy met for the first time in England. The couple’s relationship was rocky from the beginning. Tom booked the couple an Airbnb but suggested that the two sleep in separate bedrooms to accommodate Darcy, as they had met for the first time in person that day. However, Darcy denied that he did not want to share a bed with her, so their relationship was far from a rocky start.

After a dramatic trip to Albania with Darcy’s sister Stacey Sylvia and her partner Florin Scaj, Darcy and Tom’s relationship seemed to be coming to an end. However, before the season ended, Tom surprised both Darcy and the audience by giving Darcy the key to his home in England before he returned to his home state of Connecticut. Although giving him the key to his house makes it seem like the two are getting serious, Tom reveals a secret. 90 day fiance: Before 90 days. Season 4, aired in August 2020. After Darcy left England, Tom began to see another woman behind his back. Before the end of the season, Tom revealed that his new secret love interest was from Shannon, a Canadian woman. According to Instagram, British citizens Tom and Shannon have now separated and are now dating a woman named Maria.

Tom, who calls himself “British boy“In his Instagram bio, he posted a new selfie on Instagram with his girlfriend Maria. The photo shows the couple sitting very close, smiling.I could look at you for a minute and find a thousand things I like about you. You are my joy, everything I ever dreamed of.“A cursory glance at Tom’s Instagram account reveals that the majority of his posts over the last several months have been with Maria, who is known as”ladym_TV“But on Instagram there is a private profile, as Tom does.

After betraying Darcy. Fianc کی of 90 days: before 90 days Season 4, Tom received a lot of response from the audience. However, most of the comments on his latest Instagram post expressed support for Tom and his relationship. Read a comment, “Beautiful to see you two dear people and a wonderful relationship. We need a TV show with all of you.. ”

The first selfie Tom posted with his girlfriend Maria came back in late February, and he called it the love of his life. Viewers may be wondering if Tom will be seen with his new partner next season of the show. Looks like it won’t happen because it will happen because Tom got a lot of reaction after his last appearance. Fans will have to watch the show just to know.

90 Day Fianc:: The Other Way. It airs on TLC on Sundays at 8 p.m.

Source: Tom Brooks / Instagram

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