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by Michael HurleyCBS Boston

Boston (CBS) – Listen. You don’t have to like Aaron Rodgers. You don’t have to like Aaron Rodgers. You can think that Aaron Rodgers has dumb hair, or he went on his off-season tantrum, or that he’s overrated—really, whatever you want. It is a free country.

but you simply You have To admit that what he did last weekend was hysterical.

Of course, Rodgers celebrated his relegation run by standing on his own two feet and telling all the Bears fans around him that he has them well.

It’s one thing if some gabbroni like me come out and say “Rodgers owns the bears”. What happens all the time. But having one of the world’s biggest sports stars stare at the disciples of opposing fans and nonchalantly tell them, “I own you”? Pure comedy. Unmatched.

It was great that even Tom Brady – a guy who probably wishes he could speak honestly from time to time – had to give credit to Rodgers.

As you know, chapters can seem long sometimes. Things can get serious, too. It’s good to have a chuckle once in a while.

(CAPS home team; Wednesday lines)

Denver (+2.5) above Cleveland
If there is such a thing as being seriously hurt, then brown are them.

This looks like a game that wouldn’t be amazing. (Which means he will likely end up as the Game of the Year nominee. Shoutout Jags-Bengals.)

Green Bay (-9.5) over Washington
You should honestly honor the commitment made by the Washington Football (soccer) team organization because it has brought more shame to the franchise than anyone ever thought possible. Insulting Sean Taylor’s legacy in a hastily assembled “party” in week six to divert attention from some well-deserved negative press is new.

Tennis (+5.5) over Kansas City
The Chiefs totally rule because apparently every week this year, they dig themselves a giant hole just to see if they can get out of it. It’s as if the match was too easy, so they raised the bar and put themselves in horrible situations. Last week, they turned their first-half deficit 13-10 against the aforementioned infamous Washington FL football team, only to claim a rotating victory 31-13.

They really might do it again. but, there might be something to some real mental momentum generated in Nashville after that fourth leg down for Monday night’s win. I love the Titans’ chances of at least staying in the competition after a night like this against one of the best NFL teams.

MIAMI (+2.5) over Atlanta
The Dolphins had one win, which was gifted to them by the Patriots faltering in the first week. They just lost to a Jaguar, who I think hasn’t won a game since the Clinton administration. Their season is over, for all intents and purposes. Toa Tagavuilwa may be To be “just fine” at best at the NFL level.

Things are bad in Miami.

They may lose this game.

But for a team that shouldn’t be that terrifying, This is amazing It should be a game that they can at least temporarily get back on track. The Falcons have only defeated New Jersey teams, which means they haven’t actually defeated anyone. As long as the dolphins find no excuse to play after London without a farewell week, they are Should Beat the hawks, right? right?!

New England (-7) over New York Jets
Speaking of those teams in New Jersey, they’re the only ones I think are inferior to the Patriots at the moment. Fortunately, this is the match we have.

Carolina (-3) above the New York Giants
Do I need to say more?

Baltimore (-6.5) over Cincinnati
Las Vegas (-3) over Philadelphia
Los Angeles Rams (-15.5) over Detroit
Arizona (-17) over Houston
Tampa Bay (-12.5) over Chicago
Look, the season is long as I mentioned. We can’t write narratives for every match. Gotta save some energy in the second half.

So I will just say this: These are the three particle On a late Sunday afternoon, I didn’t hesitate even for two seconds on any of them. After getting close to victories, the lions crashed. Texans are back in Texas last week. And Brady laughs after a small farewell to his friend Aaron Rodgers who is tormenting the Bears franchise. You know he wants to join that party so he can text Rogers a funny Sunday night. Win, win, win.

(Rodgers threw only 195 yards against the Bears but threw the touchdown and ran for another one. We’ll see if Brady feels inspired to match that.)

San Francisco (-4) over Indianapolis
Jimmy’s last stand.

(Yes, I know this could go in multiple ways. Many of them are not good. But you have to pick a winner, folks.)

New Orleans (-4.5) over Seattle
I don’t know what we’ve all done to deserve Geno Smith on national TV for three straight weeks, but I feel comfortable speaking for everyone when I say we’re sorry. We go back no matter what we say. Please just turn it off. please!

last week: 7-7

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