Tom Brady described it as a career affecting the Houston Texans

If I could brag for a moment, my superhero strength is that I’m very good at remembering exactly where I was when almost any news happened. I don’t know if that means I have some kind of photographic memory, and I guess it doesn’t matter.

Now, to be clear, I don’t like overusing this power, and making every single piece of “remember where I was when I heard” news is a bit of a bargain (although I could). I like keeping this thread for important news items. I would say Tom Brady’s retirement qualifies, and therefore, I will tell you, when I received this tweet from Adam Schefter from…

…. I was at the second Coors Light at the West Alabama Ice House, had a fun Saturday afternoon with my wife. Unfortunately, for her (assuming she was enjoying my company tweet before Schefter), the quiet afternoon was about to change.

Twitter was made for things like Brady’s retirement, and over the next two hours I was buried in overreaction, overreaction, flashbacks, and rebuttal report. In fact, Shifter’s report on this news was greeted with great relief from the Brady camp, including his agent and father, essentially saying “Nothing is final yet!” Although it’s safe to assume that retirement will happen, once Brady chooses to announce it.

So, let’s work in a world where we assume Schefter and ESPN have earned that right. What are our basic ideas in watching the most accomplished soccer player in the history of sport. Here are four ideas of mine:

Several fan bases were released on Saturday afternoon
For kids whose years of formative athletic rooting have occurred over the past two decades—anyone between the ages of 10 and 35, and whose loyalties with Brady teams have routinely crushed their souls—in other words, nearly every fan base other than the Giants—Saturday was a big day for for you. Sure, you fans of the Bills and the Jets and the Dolphins pushed Brady out of your league in 2020, but I imagine just watching him still play football caused you to get night sweats. Now, he’s no longer playing, and reminders of the atrocities he committed on the collective psyche and mental health of all of you can finally be put in the rearview mirror, hopefully forever. The cemetery is filled with a sea of ​​sports that root the corpses that Tom Brady single-handedly murdered in cold blood for two decades. It’s a great day for all the zombies who are into non-national and non-pirate sports.

This retirement will seem a lot more intense than the retirement of the other new greats
Look, I’m not here to do a job remembering Tom Brady with his ten greatest plays in the Super Bowls, power ratings in his championships, or even doing some contrived “GOAT” debates within the NFL and across the sports lines. I’ll leave that to Boston Sports Radio, where it is more convenient and less painful for the audience. What I will say about Brady in retirement is that his absence will be more severe than that of his new counterparts Peyton Manning, Drew Bryce and others. No player in Brady’s age group has ever played even close to Brady’s level at age 44. Hell, no current players from every age group have played as Brady did in 2021, when he led the league in passes and touchdowns. It’s not that the league lost an elderly senior player on Saturday. You actually lost out on one of the three or four most valuable players in the league, and that brings us to…

Deep Impact on Houston Texans
So now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sit with a roster, aside from quarterback, pretty much ready to compete at the Super Bowl level. It’s a very veteran roster, with good players on both sides of the ball, and a head coach who was no younger. In other words, they need a good veteran quarterback. If Deshaun Watson can resolve his legal issues, Bucs should be on the phone with Nick Caserio trying to get him fired. Given the fact that they’ve recently hired James Winston and Antonio Brown, I think the Bucs feel somewhat bulletproof from the PR storm that Watson would have. If not with a heightened sense of urgency related to Watson, it should be the Carolina Panthers. With Tom Brady out and Saints coach Sean Payton recently departing from the NFC South, the division is wide open. Watson would make the Panthers the direct contenders to win the division. The Panthers’ sixth overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft is a good starting point for any Watson deal.

Lots of people who can’t get dumped into the wild thanks to Brady
While Brady will undoubtedly be remembered for his individual greatness, a pernicious side effect of Brady’s condescending play is that plenty of coaches and players from those great Patriots teams have been tasked with more prominent positions than simply confronting Brady’s greatness. . We know this all too well in Houston, where Bill O’Brien was given management of the building, and Jack Easterby had a hand in breaking up the franchise. (I’m still willing to wait and see if Nick Caserio is a capable rare Patriot branch) Josh McDaniels, Charlie Weiss, Romeo Krennel, Joe Judge, the list goes on and on. In a way, franchises are tricked into thinking that Patriot Way is something you can bottle up and re-franchise in other markets, like Wendy’s or Jamba Juice. The Patriot Road is Tom Brady, and Tom Brady is the Patriot Road. This is. end of topic.

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