Tokyo Olympics: Charlotte Worthington flips the script with a daring brilliance of skill | sports

Four years ago, when Charlotte Worthington was making burritos at a restaurant in Chorlton, Manchester, she couldn’t have dreamed of this moment. In fact, she didn’t even know that it was possible.

At the time, that was not the case. Its event, BMX Freestyle, in which riders perform amazing tricks around a downhill track in an effort to score the most points, was added to the Olympic roster in 2017 and debuted in Tokyo 2020.

At Ariac Urban Sports Park, Worthington became her first Olympic champion by performing an unprecedented trick in a women’s competition to secure the highest score for any athlete of the day, male or female. “It’s unreal,” she said. “I’m waiting to wake up.”

In the stands Declan Brooks,

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