Today I learned that you can surf YouTube on older Chromecasts with a hidden phone remote.

Did you know that the YouTube app on your old Chromecast has a hidden remote control that lets you unveil the entire YouTube app that you can scroll through?

You need to start casting something with the cast button up on your TV in the YouTube app – then press the cast button a second time to access a menu where you will find a button labeled Remote. Next, you’ll find a full D-pad, voice search button, and most importantly a backup button for navigation that you’ll need to back out of this video and access the full YouTube interface.

In fact, for the Google Chromecast HDMI dongle you needed to have massive controls from your phone, to “cast” every video you wanted to watch on your TV screen instead of browsing. – Until Chromecast added its physical remote with Google TV in 2020.

But apparently, that changed. Chrome inboxed It was reported in February that the YouTube app on Chromecast has added a browsing experience with hidden remote, and similar sites 9to5 Google And Android Police It is now being reported that it is coming to a large number of older dongles such as the third-gen Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra. This is a great bonus if you recently caught the Ultra at Stadia Sale for $ 22.22.

I can’t confirm when it started, but I see that Google’s support page has officially added instructions for using the remote, which the Wayback Machine tells me is now on October 5th. Didn’t return, and company Tweeted about the feature. Tomorrow

The phone’s remote is a bit slower than using a dedicated remote to control an Apple TV or an iPhone, but it still works fine on my Chromecast Ultra. If I pay more attention to YouTube’s recommendations, I will probably use it a lot. (I don’t understand why it keeps recommending videos I’ve already watched and many years ago.) I wish it were available on Netflix, where I scroll a lot, but I see options there. did not come. .

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