Timberview Students Return to Class Tuesday – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Students, parents and community members gathered at Timberview High School Monday night to pray and release the balloon. They’re going back to school on Tuesday, and the two primary priorities are safety and recovery.

Those who thronged to the soccer field were upbeat as they released balloons in a show of solidarity with the first day of school since. Fighting and shooting that followed last week.

As everyone returns to campus, Kimberly Canto, Mansfield ISD supervisor, said additional layers of support should be expected.

“It is very important that we ensure the physical, social and emotional safety of everyone,” she said.

Kanto spoke briefly about the ongoing Arlington Police investigation, as well as the county investigation. She said ISD Mansfield will consider events internally, including events leading up to Wednesday.

She asked for patience as the investigation continued and promised additional advice and increased security for the next several months.

“We have partnered with a local agency to provide additional support regarding the police presence on our campus,” she said.

From a distance, schoolchildren were seen embracing and wearing school colors in the sports field on Monday as prayers went out through a loudspeaker.

Canto said Mansfield ISD has a safety and security expert on staff who will help identify vulnerabilities that may exist in the area’s security protocol. The district will also re-establish a safety committee made up of community stakeholders.


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