Tim Cook says he is “looking forward to moving forward” after the epic decision.

Apple CEO Tim Cook told employees he was “looking forward to a decision”. APEC vs. Apple. In a hands-on meeting with employees on the no-confidence case, Cook echoed the line Apple has publicly taken on the case, celebrating the company’s legal victory and its loss on unfair competition claims. While reducing

“If you back up and remember what the App Store is, the App Store was created as a trusted place for users to discover and discover apps. The goal was to be a great business opportunity for developers. ۔ Edge. “The epic came along and basically wanted to handle it in a certain way. Our rules are that we treat everyone equally. They keep asking us to treat them differently, we said no. , And they sued us on 10 different things. The court ruled in favor of nine of them, Apple and one in favor of Epic. Most importantly, they ruled that Apple has no monopoly, which We always know that Apple is in a very competitive market.

Apple CEO Tim Sweeney asked Apple last year to include alternative payment methods in the iOS version of the game. Fortnight.. However, Sweeney said APEC “hopes.[d] Apple will make these options equally available to all iOS developers.

Contrary to Cook’s statement that “we treat everyone equally,” Apple has in the past provided special treatment to a variety of app developers. It offered Netflix a special deal where it cut only 15% of in-app subscriptions, and Netflix was offered special benefits if the streaming video company would continue to support app purchases. ۔ The company has also developed categories of apps that can ignore its commission for in-app purchases, and has decided not to block or feature apps that could be in competition. You can see examples of special treatment of our developers in the disclosed emails of our emails. APEC vs. Apple. Trial

However, it is true that a California judge ruled that Apple did not have a monopoly on digital gaming transactions. APEC vs. Apple.. The company successfully avoided Apex’s demands that it open iOS for third-party app stores and sideload apps, and the court ruled that Apple was justified in collecting commissions on digital goods.

Cook did not confirm whether Apple intends to sue for one of its losses: a decision that Apple’s anti-steering laws (which prevent developers from telling consumers about alternative payment options). Violate California’s unfair competition law. The ruling calls on Apple to abandon the rules by December. APEC, meanwhile, has indicated it intends to appeal the damages.

But as an Apple spokesman has publicly said, Cook advised not to worry too much. “I think it would be a good idea to try to put some conversations on the App Store. In terms of what we lost, one or two sentences were spent on an agreement. That was the limit.” Looking forward to moving forward, “Cook said.

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