Tik Tak is entering NFT with Top Talk Moments.

Since there is no peace in the human age, TikTalk has decided to partner with selected creators, celebrities and online companies such as Lil Nass X, Bella Povarch and Grimes to issue a collection of non-creative tokens. ۔ These tic-tac-toe moments, as the company calls them, are inspired by six “culturally significant” tic-tac-toe videos in the form of one NFT. Tik Tak Limited Edition plans to auction them off with a selection of NFTs that will go on sale weekly throughout October.

Partners, creators, and new content are tokenized and put up for auction. Musician Lil Nass topped the list on October 6 with ex-artist Rudy Wellingham, while Grimes is collaborating separately with Britney Broski (“Kombucha Girl”) and Bella Porch. The full list of TuckTock collaborations goes into more detail about these choices and more, but strangely missing the details of how the creators will actually be compensated.

Tick ​​Tuck writes, “The revenue will go largely directly to the creators and NFT artists, but the company refused to break a certain percentage when asked. Edge TuckTuck says most of the revenue will go to the creators of the NFT. The rest will go to Amotable X, which handles NFT trading for the set, and the Museum of the Moving Image, which will host a tick-tock exhibition featuring six key pieces in the tick-tock collection. TickTock will take no revenue from sales, and says limited-edition NFT weekly drops will be sold at “affordable prices” to ensure that each creator’s audience gets a share of its history. Can. “

While “owning” a viral tick can be an interesting idea, it is worth acknowledging the environmental impact it can have. NFT and other blockchain-based projects have the potential to use large amounts of energy in terms of design. Irrevocable X says that with the help of NFT, this tick tock mint will be carbon neutral, but not all NFT or NFT marketplaces are created equal. Likewise, whether the video you buy is actually “owned” by NFT – beyond philosophical implications – depends on its safety wherever it is stored.

For more information on Tick Talk Top Moments, visit the Unchangeable X and Tick Talk site.

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