‘Threat is real’: Police searching for suspect accused of vandalizing two homes at Kennedy complex – Boston news, weather, sport

Hayan, Mas. (WHDH) – Barnstable Police have opened an investigation after vandalizing two homes at the Kennedy complex in Hynesport earlier this week.

Officers responded to a report of vandalism at two residences on Marchand Street around 9 a.m. Wednesday and found several smashed windows.

The police also received a call stating that two vehicles had been sabotaged on Squaw Island. It is not clear whether the compounds belonged to members of the Kennedy family.

“No one likes to be attacked in this way. The threat is real to us,” Chris Kennedy said. “But the police have done a really good job of investigating and we are very confident that whoever did this will be brought to justice.”

Due to the fact that many homes in Hyannisport are seasonal, Barnstable Police says it is working with Hyannisport Security to determine if any other homes or vehicles have been vandalized.

Chris Kennedy’s home, located about a mile from the complex, also had several broken windows after the act of vandalism.

The investigation into the accident is still ongoing.

No additional information is immediately available.

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