Thousands of Britons were forced to return home before the deadline for the red list

TCrows arriving from Montenegro and Thailand after 4am on Monday face mandatory hotel quarantine as the two countries join the red list – forcing thousands of Britons to rush together for plans to return home before the deadline.

Changes to the government’s travel list have caught the legions of Britons currently abroad in both destinations by surprise – many reporting no direct flights to enable them to return home over the weekend at the banks.

Rebecca Woodward on Twitter told Telegraph Travel: “In Montenegro now, she’s due to fly home Monday morning. No flights back to the UK before then, so what does the government expect us to do?”

A quick search for a flight on Skyscanner shows that this direct flight from the European destination appears to have run out – instead, vacationers will have to make one, or even two connecting flights, in the likes of Poland or Serbia, to get back to the UK before Monday. morning.

It is a similar story for anyone who wants to return from Thailand. The only direct flight available before the deadline is from Phuket this evening at a cost of £507.

Jan Martinovic is currently in Montenegro and has been able to secure flights back home, as she told Telegraph Travel: “It cost us just under £1,000 to book extra flights last night and we would have to pay around £300 for the hotel as the layover is 12 hours.” . “The government has never given enough notice,” she stressed.

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