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Thomas Jacobs talks about Becca Kufrin’s relationship after ‘BIP’ – Hollywood Life

Even though Becca Kufrin broke his heart on BIP, Thomas Jacobs didn’t hesitate to get back together after the show. In addition, do you link to their future? He gave us all the scoop!

Becca Kafrin And Thomas Jacobs They live in bliss after reviving their romantic followers Bachelor in Heaven. “Life is amazing,” gushed Thomas Hollywood Live Exclusively at the Movember X Barry charity event to kick off the month of Movember and raise awareness for men’s mental health. “Life is good. It’s a new and weird normal and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Thomas and Becca met while filming season 7 of Bachelor in Heaven in June. They were a powerhouse couple on the show, but before the fairy wings, Becca began to suspect the relationship was “too good to be true”. She wasn’t ready for the engagement, so she cut things with Thomas before leaving the beach. However, during the show’s end on October 5, they revealed that they had done just that are back together After shooting.

Thomas Jacobs and Becca Kufrin on BIP. (ABC)

Now, Thomas reveals how it all went down. “Becca extended her hand,” he explained. “It was something I was hoping for [for]. Leaving a weak spot, I somewhat left my faith in her own hands because I knew what we had. I was rewarded for that and the thing was, when we reconnected, we didn’t skip a beat. The person she saw on the beach is the person she saw in real life. We both got the clarity and answers we needed and realized we wanted to be with each other.”

Thomas Jacobs Becca Kuffrin
Thomas Jacobs and Becca Kufrin have a date at “BIP”. (ABC)

Thomas said he and Becca got back together “immediately” after she reached out to him. “It was absolutely where we stopped and it has been growing every day since then,” he said. “Since then, we’re probably no more than five days apart and it’s been great.” For the 28-year-old, there was no hesitation in getting Beca back. “I had no fear in my body,” he admitted. “I was just 100 percent focused on the relationship I wanted and the person I wanted to be with.”

For a future engagement, Thomas played a timid role – but it definitely looks like he’s in the cards! He told us, “If I was a bet, I wouldn’t put money in for it.” However, despite the furore over Bachelor Nation, he doesn’t feel pressured to take the next step. “This feels like a more normal, healthy relationship than ever,” he admitted. “Only a few people are invested in it. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who we are. It doesn’t affect our relationship. We are just normal people living normal lives.”

Right now, Thomas and Becca still have homes of their own—she has one in Los Angeles, he has one in San Diego—so they live between the two places. “It’s as close as living together without living together,” he revealed. “She has multiple cupboards in my house. I have things in her house. You know it’s official when you have toothbrushes in each other’s places!”