This week’s top stories: Titanium iPhone, iOS 15 beta changes, AAPL earnings, more.

In this week’s key stories: Apple releases iOS 14.7.1 and Watch OS 7.6.1 with major improvements, beta testing of iOS 15 continues, AAPL reports Q3 2021 earnings, and much more ۔

IOS 14.7.1.

Apple released iOS 14.7.1 to the public this week, which included major bug fixes and security patches.

IOS 14.7.1 fixes the issue where iPhone models cannot unlock the Apple Watch with Touch ID via the unlocked iPhone feature. This update also provides important security updates and is recommended for all users.

In addition to the Touch ID bug fix, the update addresses security vulnerabilities that have been potentially exploited.

Learn more about the release of iOS 14.7.1 in our full coverage.

iOS 15 Beta 4.

For developers and public beta testers, Apple this week launched iOS 15 Beta 4, as well as the new beta of iPad OS 14 Beta 4 and Watch OS 8, TVOS 15, and Mac OS Monterey. Are

Updates keep changing the controversial Safari redesign, a new widget option for podcasts on the iPad OS home screen, and more. Take a full look at what’s new here.

AAPL earnings

On Tuesday, Apple announced earnings for its record settings for Q3 2021. Apple reported revenue of 81 81.43 billion, up 36 percent year-over-year and a profit of 21 21.74 billion. It reported earnings per share of 1.30.

  • $ 39.57 billion: iPhone (49.7% YOY)
  • $ 8.24 billion: Mac (16.38 ٪ YOY)
  • 7.37 billion: Member (12% YOY)
  • 8.78 billion: wearable, home and accessories (36.12 ٪ YOY)
  • 17.49 billion: Services (. 32.90 YOY)

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