This software turns your Mac into a secondary Windows PC display – take a look at Geek.

Luna Display is converting an iMac to a secondary Windows 11 display.

Do you have an old iMac? Maybe you should turn it into an external display. The latest Linda Display Update lets you use a Mac or MacBook as a secondary display for your Windows PC, and surprisingly, it supports 4K and 5K screens.

Luna Display is a popular product that turns PCs, Macs and iPads into secondary displays with minimal lag or lack of signal. It has long offered Mac-to-Mac and PC-to-PC support, but this is the first time users can turn their Mac into a PC screen.

The new PC to Mac Luna display option works on an Ethernet or wireless connection. It supports 4K and 5K monitors in their full resolution, although Macs and PCs on 5K are honorably stuck with 45Hz and 30Hz refresh rates. (You can run both systems at 60Hz with 4K resolution.)

The Luna display costs $ 120 and comes with the appropriate USB-C, HDMI, or Mini DisplayPort hardware, depending on what type of setup you need. Note that Luna displays require Windows 10 Build 1809, macOS 10.11 El Capitan, or iOS 12.1 (at least).

Source: Astropad via The Verge

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