This morning Eamonn Holmes made an ’embarrassing’ blunder after mistaking a guest

Eamonn Holmes found himself in trouble after an embarrassing comment to a guest on Today’s episode this morning.

The Northern Irish presenter is currently hosting ITV Pioneering day program Along with his wife, Ruth Langsford.

A clip from Tuesday’s edition explored the impact of plastic surgery and examined whether people were overdoing it.

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Dr. Stephen Harris He was concerned that people were getting so many implants and implants that they would develop “space-like features”.

HIs’ claims have been challenged by Anastasia, who has been an advocate of people who get plastic surgery as “perfecting their bodies.”

The 32-year-old from Kiev said she was glad she did because she looked like a hamster, but host Eamonn Holmes didn’t hear her comments.

He said, “So do you like to look like a hamster?”

The guest replied: “No, I was like a hamster.”

Then Ruth jumped in to clarify the situation: “I wanted your cheeks to be higher and more defined.”

The fans took Twitter In hysterics at the “awkward” exchange.

One user said: “Eamon!!! You’re so awkward” So do you like looking like a hamster? And we can hear Ruth in the back saying ‘No no’.

Another added: “Do you like to look like a hamster?” I love Eamonn.”

A third commented, “You like to look like a hamster…” Eamonn just put his foot in it. “

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