This map shows the last time each state raised its minimum wage.

Protesters took to the streets of New York in 2017 to demand an hourly wage for the Fight for $ 15 campaign. Eric McGregor / Getty Images

To start the new year, 20 states have raised their minimum wages by early 2021.

Oregon’s minimum wage has risen from 12 12 to 12. 12.75. Nevada’s minimum wage is also rising by 75 cents, from $ 9 to 75 9.75 for employees who do not receive health benefits. According to the Institute for Economic Policy’s minimum wage tracker, DC’s minimum wage is rising 20 cents to 15 15.20 a year due to annual indexing.

According to a report by the National Employment Law Project (NELP), a record number of jurisdictions are set to increase their wages in 2021. On January 1, 27 made them ڈالر 15 or more. By the end of the year, 40 counties and cities will have raised their minimum wage to $ 15 or more, according to NELP.

The federal minimum wage is 25 7.25. In 2009, the last time it was raised, President Joe Biden was still Vice President Biden.

The push to raise the minimum wage to 15 15 is not new. The fight for 15 first began in 2012, when fast food workers in New York City quit their jobs. But since the federal minimum wage is stable as inequality increases and the K-shape is restored during corona virus epidemics, this is once again a top priority for some lawmakers.

Since the minimum wage has not changed in a decade, states and territories have been encouraged to raise their salaries and not wait for Congress, said researcher Janet Lethrop, author of the NELP report.

To see what effect the increase in the minimum wage would have on workers, the insider last saw states raise their minimum wages and their current rates.

A look at the previous minimum wage increase.

Nineteen states raised their minimum wages on January 1, and New York raised their minimum wages just one day before the start of the new year. Many other states have raised the minimum wage in recent years. But other states have not seen an increase in the minimum wage since 2009.

Georgia and Wyoming’s state minimum wage is lower than the federal minimum wage. If the federal minimum wage was higher than the state minimum wage, we noted the federal amount as the last minimum wage paid to employers in the state.

The following map shows the year in which the minimum wage increased and the current minimum wage in each state:

There are 29 states with a minimum federal wage of more than 25 7.25, and 16 states with a minimum wage equal to the federal minimum wage. Five states do not have minimum wage requirements, and thus the federal minimum is the default.

Some other states have not seen an increase since the federal minimum wage rose from 6. 6.55 to 7. 7.25 on July 24, 2009. Then, like New York and Maryland.

Michigan’s minimum wage will rise to 9. 9.87 an hour this year, but last year’s rate remained the same at 65 9.65 because the unemployment rate in 2020 was over 8.5 percent. According to Detroit News, if last year’s unemployment rate was above that level, the increase in state law would be suspended.

Some states have scheduled increments later this year. For example, Connecticut plans to raise its minimum wage to $ 12 an hour on August 1.

Florida minimum wage workers will also see another increase at the end of the year, where the state will raise the minimum wage to ڈالر 10, which is part of its rollout for the next two years when Until the minimum wage reaches ڈالر 15 in 2026.

California has been raising its minimum wage since 2017. In 2023, the state will have a minimum wage of $ 15 per hour for 25 or fewer employees. One year ago, the minimum wage for places with 26 or more employees was 15 15.

Missouri’s minimum wage is also rising after the ballot measurement in 2018, where the rate is steadily rising until it reaches 12 12 in 2023.

And while Virginia’s minimum wage has remained at the federal rate, the state has seen an increase for the first time in a decade as part of the Virginia Minimum Wage Act. The state raised its minimum wage to ڈالر 9.50 an hour on May 1.

Effects of raising the minimum wage.

Some economists and critics of the rise in the minimum wage say the increase will have a negative effect on employment, but it is unlikely. However, these increases have an immediate and tangible effect on workers: In 2020, the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) calculated that about 77 million workers would raise the minimum wage with annual changes.

But, while there were many states and territories that would or would increase their wages in 2021, the EPI could not estimate how many workers would be paid. This is because extremely vulnerable workers – who work less and work less from home – are disproportionately affected by epidemic-related unemployment.

The EPI writes that “the epidemic of Covid 19 has devastated labor markets across the country, with a large portion of job losses occurring in low-wage sectors, such as leisure and hospitality, where at least Low wage increases usually affect large shares of workers. ” His 2021 report

Right now, minimum wage workers are mostly essential workers, Lethrop said. Widely, workers of color – especially black workers – are more represented in frontline groups.

“Right now we have the opportunity to raise the wages of low-wage workers who have been needed to keep the economy afloat during epidemics,” Lethrop said. “And so my guess is that the question is for the elected officials, will they do more than just give them lip service?” Or will they avenge their sacrifice by raising the wage by at least 15 from this opportunity?

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