This is the last band camp Friday of 2021.

In March 2020, BandCamp launched a publicity stunt where it would refrain from raising revenue from sales artists created on its platform, providing artists with some extra help with sudden limited opportunities due to corona virus epidemics. Will be The event turned into a monthly event, as the band Camp Friday encouraged fans to continue supporting it by purchasing audio tracks and commercials over the past two years.

BandCamp promises to keep things going in 2021 and closes its cut with duty on the first Friday of every month. The only question left is what will happen next? Note about BandCamp Friday 2021 is no longer included in the blog post announcing the promotion, and no one has updated users or creators about the 2022 plan.

We have vaccines, and the shows are running again, but the epidemic is not over yet, and I know I’m used to spending a day where I can tell myself to buy one or two extra albums. That’s fine – this is just the right thing to do, as it provides artists with some extra incentives to tell their fans about Bandcamp as an alternative to streaming on Spotify or other music services with great year-end graphics. But don’t share too much money with the people who create you. Listening again.

When BandCamp Friday launched, co-founder and CEO Ethan Diamond said, “For many artists, increasing one-day sales can mean the difference between paying rent or not.” The bandcamp says more than 800,000 spectators attended, paying more than $ 61 million to artists and labels in 15 days. That said, on average, 93% of your money goes to artists and labels when the promotion is active and, on average, 82% when it doesn’t, so there’s still plenty of reason to compliment the purchase. Are

But for at least a few more hours (until 12am PT on December 4), yes, this is Bandcamp Friday.

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