This iPhone game looks 3D even without glasses.

Some great games take on new real-life experiences and translate them into a clever virtual experience. For example, this train-building game by James Venus is reminiscent of the feeling of holding one of these plastic 3D bookmarks sold in small tourist shops. As you tilt it, the game moves like a holographic card.

We have this and much more. Cool WIP.Weekly eye-catching clips and screenshots of the works are released. Each week, the Polytechnic staff uses the Internet for exciting games that are still under construction, to give you a sample of the best and upcoming projects.

This week we have a tool that makes the game look like it’s shown on a CRT screen, a shiny platform, a skateboarding game with a robot, and a scary walk in the woods. Read on to learn more about each project.

You don’t need a 3DS for cooling effects.

Holographic effects aren’t so new, but it’s nice to see that developers really embrace this effect with video games. لوکو لوپر۔ A top down (or isometric if you will) is a train building game for mobile devices that recreates 3D shapes by tilting the phone. In a clip posted by James Vanas., You can see a person holding the phone and playing his game and tilting the phone back and forth. As the phone rings, the buildings also tilt, giving the game a 3D effect. لوکو لوپر۔ There is no release date but you can follow the progress of the game. Wana’s Twitter account..

A game that looks like it’s on an old school monitor.

Sometimes, games are rearranged or ported to new consoles, but on the LED screen, the remake cannot regain the feel of a real low-res monitor. 2D and 3D artist, illustrator, and graphics designer, Mismo Terius is creating a game. Looks like it’s shown On the old school CRT screen when you play it. Mrmo Tarius has also developed a tool that allows any developer to influence their game. If you want to see what they are working on and all the cool clips they are cooking with the tool, you can. Check out their Twitter page..

New Wonderland.

Honestly, I didn’t realize it until I saw this platform, but we need more shine in sports. This clip of Lazarus, Through the Greek Campus, the protagonist involves jumping and roaming the neon world and a barrage of glowing attacks. LazarusThe developer calls the game “Cyber ​​Punk Platformmer” and it is set to release in the spring of 2021.

Skateboard through a bending factory.

I’ve already written about KevKev’s work, when the developer published a breakthrough on a small skating game, but it takes the idea in a new direction. I This short GIF, We see a robot going through an industrial world on a hover board. Factory-like layouts make for perfect layout, giving the character enough reels to grind and platforms to run tricks. This clip is not yet for an announced game, but you can check out more. Developer’s Twitter page..

Lost woods get a little weird.

This short clip of Lake of milk Boltzmann Games features a mysterious character walking through a dark and hazy jungle. As the character beats, it stops putting its hands on the tree and talking to it. This action RPG is in early development and has no release date yet, but you can follow the updates. Developer’s Twitter page..

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