This feature can prevent you from forgetting your iPhone again.

iOS 15 is a treasure trove of new features to discover. A great new feature can help prevent you from losing your iPhone.

In the name of separation alerts, what it does is it can warn you if you leave one of your devices behind by sending a message to other devices that you have.

This feature is part of the Find My app, so you’ll need to make your way into the app to find it.

Once there, tap. Tools Below. Tap on a device and look below. Information. Let me know when you’re left behind


One there, you can turn it on, and at the same time create exit zones where you will not receive notifications (your home is automatically added, but there may be other places where you walk away from your devices) Are).

It’s that simple.

Now if you accidentally leave a device behind, it will try to warn you by sending a message to your other devices.

Separation alerts work for air tags as well as third-party accessories that support Apple’s “Find My” network.

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