This DIY iPhone 13 case launches candy directly into your mouth.

No matter how much Apple hips the Ceramic Shield – a special glass blend introduced with the iPhone 12 – and the build quality of the metal and glass sandwich that is the modern iPhone, expensive phones. Needs lawsuits. You may have placed an order with your new iPhone 13, but if you haven’t, can I suggest an interesting and undoubtedly useful option – a huge case that puts hard candy in your mouth? I take Gizmodo.).

YouTube creator and inventor Matty Benedetto is responsible for the DIY case, which he calls Candy Catapult. This flexible TPU string is 3D printed with a stiff candy container for the poison of your choice, whether it’s M&MS, skeletons or resurfacing (only the sick will combine the three). In fact, to get the candy out of the case, Benedetto added a pinball machine – a plunger loaded with ore springs. It’s hard to imagine how hard he launches his little sweet missiles, but it certainly seems strong enough to send a piece of candy across the room.

Candy Catapult works!

My first thought after watching Benedetto’s video is not relieved that all of a sudden I have a way to distribute with industrial sized bag lozenges (there is no need for help) but really excited about other possible things that Can be started.

I’m really wondering how fast it can become a weapon with metal ball bearings. Are you starting to break the window hard enough if you damage the candy with something else? Some things may remain unknown.

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