This app tests your phone’s water resistance (without the use of water)

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This app tests your phone’s water resistance (without the use of water)

Andrew Heinzmann

Even if your phone has English protection water-resistance certification, leaving it by the pool wouldn’t be a big deal. Water-resistant seals can wear down over time, creating hazards that are impossible to detect. But a new Android app that claims to test your phone’s water resistance without the use of water can bring you peace of mind.

Developed by RayM, the water resistance tester uses your phone’s built-in biometric sensor to check if it is properly protected from the elements. The app prompts you to press your phone’s display with two thumbs, causing slight differences in barometric pressure.

Properly sealed phones are airtight, so when power is applied to their screen, their internal pressure increases. But without English protection, phones are not out of the air. The pressure against their screen releases air out of the body, leaving the biometric pressure virtually unchanged.

Testing the app with a device without IP-certified phone and device resistance shows that it is absolutely correct. And when you remove the SIM card tray from the waterproof phone, the water resistance tester will recognize that the device is in front of the elements.

However, you should not rely entirely on this test. Taking your phone for swimming is never a good idea – if you’re lucky it’ll only damage the microphone and speaker. If anything, this test is just for peace of mind, or to confirm whether your phone has water resistance. You can also check to see if your phone has been repaired in the past.

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Source: RayW via Android Police

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