Things to do in Miami: Charlotte de Witt in Space Park December 3, 2021

“I need to feel connected. I need clubs. I need festivals,” Producer, DJ, and head of production company Charlotte de Witt Tells the new era. If there’s one thing DJ Juggernaut from Ghent, Belgium, demands, it’s a connection between them and their brand of scathing techno – and the crowd is the missing link that makes their music come to life.

The days of live broadcasts are over, and the only way de Witt can feel the passion is by broadcasting the music in front of an audience. This passion must be showcased at her Miami debut for her naming party, KNTXTFriday, December 3rd at Space Park.

“It’s the first time I’ve played during Basel,” de Witt admits. “It will also be the first KNTXT event we do in Miami, so obviously I’m looking forward to it. It’s very exciting and a very big moment for us.”

As a label, KNTXT found its pulse in the Belgium nightclub environment, specifically in the legendary Views Club in 2015.

“It started as an event — a night out,” she explains.

What started as stand-alone events around Brussels has grown into a record label with a strong character with a flair for sophistication, identity and an unbreakable family characteristic. KNTXT also plays its own files Apple Music Channel poles and fashion.

“Our identity is important to us — our online visual identity, our publications, our creative bubble,” says de Witt. “The goal is to get people to come in and say, ‘This is KNTXT.'”

KNTXT focuses on evocative techno and acid that seemed to subside with the rise of the deep house and more melodic tracks.

So, as the outdoor event begins at 4 p.m., it’s a mistake to think that the technical, acid, and company’s play plan would be less clear-cut. In fact, the contrast will only strengthen the rapid motions and palpation that make up the DNA of the label.

“It’s going to be electronic music, some techno, some acid, and it’s all family related,” says de Witt. “It’s a little hard to put the music in a box, but it’s going to be a good night, a bit of an underground night out, and just some good music. I think we invited some good DJs too.”

The lineup also includes the legendary Victor Calderon, born in Los Angeles Univaand Detroit DJ Henry Brooks. When choosing a lineup, De Witte tries to strike a balance between highlighting KNTXT’s talent and bringing in master DJs to diversify the music from standard experiments.

“We don’t just want to confine our family and be overly exclusive,” she says.

The acceptance rate for signing on to KNTXT is low. While giving demos, the tracks should catch De Witt’s ears in just a few seconds.

“I’m in a very luxurious position because I’m the one making the decision,” she says. “So that’s what I really like, and it’s very personal – but it’s going to be released on the label. [In March], we opened for demos, and we got thousands of tracks. I go through all my boredom pretty quickly. You look for items, and if there are, you can spot them right away.”

Judging by the snippet’s value to listening, De Witte was able to select emerging talent that fit the KNTXT model and could fascinate listeners.

“We found two producers of demos. One of them is Indira Paganuto – It’s a great “.

With a year and a half of mental and physical relief behind her, de Witt feels energized and arrives armed with music unreleased during quarantine that she can finally play in front of a crowd.

Audiences can expect to hear De Witt and her fiancé Enrico SangiulianoPhenomenal remix of the 1990 classic Trance The Age of Love. The remix is ​​outfitted with rolling bass lines, citrusy rhythm, and -like homage A native.

“I didn’t sit still playing, and there’s so much new music I can finally play in front of people,” she says. “I wasn’t able to play my previous versions in front of an audience, but I can now, and it’s so cool to see how the audience reacts. Surrounded by live cameras it’s not like being in front of an audience. It doesn’t give me the same energy or satisfaction. It’s more stressful and draining.”

There is palpable exhilaration when de Witt talks about music, and it doesn’t take much to extract it.

“I’m happy to be back, and I hope it doesn’t go away any time soon,” she says.

Charlotte de Witt presents KNTXT Miami. With Henry Brooks, Victor Calderoni, Oneiva and Danilino. 4 p.m. Friday, December 3, at Space Park, 298 Northeast 61st Street, Miami; spaceparkm Tickets cost from $20 to $80 via


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