These two things will leave you with Android.

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It would be difficult to imagine the world of modern smartphones without Android. Google’s operating system powers almost every company’s phone except Apple. There is little indication that the growth and popularity of Android will decline in the coming years.

But what would it take to leave Android? This is a question we asked our readers in a recent survey. Below are the results.

How do you feel about quitting Android?


It was the least popular poll with 24,000 votes since it went live on August 24. “Google is locking it up like iOS” and “a better alternative OS is emerging” were the two most popular options, with 27.7% and 24.6% of the vote, respectively. Interestingly, instead of the update becoming a premium feature, more readers worry about switching from Android to iOS. The latter election received only 18.9% of the vote.

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The other three elections received little support. Leading the “lack of innovation” with 9.3% of the vote, followed by “big OEMs quit” with 7.2%. Surprisingly, readers will not leave Android even if Google sells it, with only 6.6% of respondents going with this option.

Overall, it looks like readers will have to make that choice, at least not anytime soon. There is little indication that Google intends to lock down Android. A lot of alternatives have come and gone, really no one is rising to the level of popularity or functionality of Android.

Specifically, at least 5.7 of our readers provided their reasons. You can find some of them below.

your opinion

  • Judgment Day: If iOS gives the same freedom that Android gives, like dragging and dropping files on the phone instead of going through apps like iTunes, then I would consider quitting Android. Another thing is that if Apple destroys its walled garden, their devices play better with third party hardware.
  • Its wine: The day Google stops making Pixels, I’m buying an iPhone.
  • Vera: I’ll just leave Android for one of the best open source alternatives.
  • Keith: My simple. SD card I have a Note 9 and still use an SD card, even if it’s old, but I do. Plus I can download music and videos without all the iTunes hoops.
  • Lcd1701: It’s going to be a catastrophic event like Google going down before I considered moving away from Android – and it’s going to be like Microsoft’s stomach going up. This is not going to happen. I don’t want a forced UI that isn’t necessarily friendly. I’m not an electrician, but I’m not an enlightened crowd.
  • Ravin: I’ll probably jump on the bandwagon for a more privacy-focused OS. With a decent update program that all OEMs should respect, the OS respects my data as well, but still offers a lot of Android customization and feature sets. Just having a brand new OS is not enough.
  • disqus_jdDrXoKt8V: I would prefer any platform to better protect my privacy and give me more control over it. Recently, it seemed that iOS was doing better than Android by not selling ads, marketers and user information to users in general. But now Apple has stepped in, violating the integrity of its messaging from end to end. No good choice!
  • Derek Jennings: I’m probably quitting already because I’m fed up with Google, not just caring. Wear v2 barely works, they killed Play Music for YouTube Music which is rubbish and doesn’t even cooperate with Google Assistant, and other such things constantly show how much of their core users Care
  • Blaze 19: If WebOS came back.
  • Zagris: I don’t think OS is everything and it’s all over. For me, “Android” is a stock OS in which all the other types of OS are the same but different, they have their own frustrations and features. I’ll leave out any version of Android for the hardware features, which are small enough to use a handheld, 3.5mm jack, wireless charging and a decent SOC. The best I’ve seen is 3 out of 4 (iPhone 12 Mini, Pixel 4A, etc.) I would also consider the Xperia 1 III if it weren’t expensive.
  • Brian: Bring back Windows Phone. Yes, seriously.
  • Roxanator: I got stuck with Symbian to the end. The same thing can happen with Android.

This is for this pool. Thanks for all your votes and comments. What will force you to leave Android? Do you agree with the poll results? If you have any additional ideas, be sure to drop them below.

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