The ROG Phone 5 is the latest gaming phone from SASUS, and as part of the ROG lineup (currently one of the world’s largest PC gaming brands), the smartphone is similar. Flowers, bells and whistles will be seen from the brand’s PC components, including RGB Lighting and its trademark, utilitarian “gamery” aesthetic known and liked by its users. If the ROG iPhone 5s is a bit expensive for your tastes, but you still want to show those “real gamers” on your phone, don’t despair: the phone’s live wallpapers are ported to other Android phones.

Still, it comes from the wallpaper port developer Linuxet, which last year ported the ROG Phone 3 live wallpaper (and some Geomi Live wallpapers). There are two to choose from: “Drones of Detection” and “Starship.” Both feature a dark look with red and blue accents, and the signature ROG “I” logo as well as tag lines are featured. Republic Ceremony. And Join the Republic..

As was the case with ROG iPhone 3 wallpapers, to get them on your phone, you’ll need to download the Live Wallpaper app, as well as the X-Mode 2.0 companion app (otherwise, They will be shown without animation). You can catch both wallpapers now in the mirror of the app: