These are the rumors of iPhone 13 which are misunderstood.

After making the iPhone 13 official, we got our first look at what new features have been added. On the contrary, we also noticed that daylight is not visible due to extreme rumors.

Wi-Fi 6e

Earlier in 2021, suppliers heard reports of increased production of Wi-Fi 6e chips in the manufacture of the iPhone 13. As we now know, it did not work.

Although naming “6e” does not meet the Alliance’s simple identification goals, Wi-Fi 6e is a major upgrade to wireless standards. Improved technology could double the potential bandwidth for consumer devices by opening the 6GHz spectrum for the first time. Current Wi-Fi devices can still connect to the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

The upgrade will pay customers heavily when it comes, especially in densely populated areas such as cities and apartments. As a Wi-Fi standard, Apple will adopt it at some point, although initially it will now be the iPhone 14.

Always on display.

Another feature that seemed certain about everything was always on display. We’ve seen improvements to the display this year, including a Pro Motion display that can go up to 120Hz, but the aspect never came up.

This sounded like a very reasonable rumor that would be interesting to consumers and the features that Apple had already brought to the Apple Watch.

IPhone 12 Pro display.

We still believe that Apple will always have an on-display display for the iPhone, not just in 2021.

Fast charger.

Fast technology. Secret second-hand sources cited that the iPhone 13 could see faster charging. Possibly introducing a new 25W power brick that will also be introduced.

This is just one of many rumors circulating before the launch. We’ve also heard that MegSafe could be improved, and this could eventually be the year we get two-way wireless charging.

As it turns out, none of these speculations came true.

Satellite communications

Finally, a month before the announcement, reference was made to the new Found Satellite Communications coming to the iPhone 13.

At the end of the day there was additional discussion on which satellites or markets would be supported, if this feature is present at all, it did not diminish.

Available soon.

Regardless of Apple’s features, the iPhone 13 has a lot to excite users. The new lineup of devices is ready for sale from September 24.


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