There is no party like the third party.

I want to tell you something no To improve your website Don’t add any. Third party scripts On your site.

It may sound overwhelming, but at one time it was common sense. On today’s modern web, it sounds like the advice of a conspiracy theorist wearing a tin foil hat. But just because I’m crazy doesn’t mean they’re out to get your user data.

All I’m asking is that we treat third party scripts as third party cookies. That was a mistake.

Browsers are now starting to block third party cookies. Chrome is dragging its feet because the same company that makes the browsers also runs the advertising business. But still they can’t withstand the tide. Third party cookies are used almost exclusively for tracking. It was never a plan.

Initially, there was no state on the web. One client requested resources from the server. The server answered. Then they both immediately forgot about it. This made it difficult to create shopping carts or logins. So we get cookies.

In the background, cookies should have been limited to a single original policy from day one. This will solve the problem of authentication and trade without opening a huge security hole which has been used to track the movement of people from one website to another. The web went from bad to worse.

Now that weakness is finally closing. But only for cookies. I would love it if third party JavaScript gets the same treatment.

When you add. anyone A third party file on your website; an image, a style sheet, a font; it is a potential vector for tracking. But third party JavaScript files go a step further. They can execute arbitrary code.

Just take a minute to consider the implications: any third party script on your site is allowing someone else to run the code on your web pages. It’s surprisingly insecure.

It will be better. One of the pieces of code that this invader can perform is the ability to pull in. others Third party scripts.

You see, there is nothing wrong with adding a little analytics script. Or a small one Google Tag Manager piece. This is such a small piece of code, after all. But in doing so, you have handed over your keys to a stranger. And now he is welcoming all those who know him.

Application Map Generator is a great tool for viewing the resources loaded on any web page. Try pasting the URL of an interesting article from a news outlet or magazine that someone has sent you recently. Then be amazed at the sheer size and number of third-party scripts that come in through a small source. script Element on the original page.

So I suggest that one thing people can do to improve their website is not to include third party scripts.

Easier said than done, right? Especially if you are working on a site that currently relies on third party tracking for its business model. But this exploitative business model will not change unless people like us are ready to join the passive resistance movement.

I know i know If you refuse to include this third-party script, your boss may say, “OK, I’ll get someone else to do it. Besides, you’ve been fired.”

This tactic will only work if everyone agrees to do the right thing. We need to support each other. We need to support each other. The way people work together in the workplace is through unions.

So I guess I’d like to change the answer to that question.

One of the things that people can do to improve their website is to unite.

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