There are reports that Terrence J was shot while fleeing an attempted robbery of a follower’s home

Actor and entertainment personality Terence J was reported to have been the victim of an attempted home burglary early Wednesday.

Terrence J and a passenger returned home in Sherman Oaks around 3 a.m. when an SUV with masked men stopped him and ordered him out of his car at gunpoint. He managed to get away but the men chased after him and at least one of them started shooting the former BET host.

There was also a woman inside Terrence J’s home. Fearing she might be the victim of a house break-in, she locked herself inside a bedroom when the alarm went off.

During the chase, Terrence J manages to spot a California Highway Patrol car and seek help from the police. Earlier this week, Los Angeles police warned residents about home burglaries, which involve suspects following individuals into their homes as they leave upscale establishments.

“People should be aware of the surroundings, especially leaving nightclubs, restaurants, and what you have,” said the LAPD sergeant. Hector Oliveira. “The suspects seem to be targeting individuals who either own expensive jewelry, expensive cars and things like that.”

The suspects were described as four black men who were driving a silver Jeep Cherokee. Injuries have been reported.

Source: FOX LA

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