The World Championship of the League of Legends moved from China to Europe.

2021 League of LegendsEmergency Sports announced that the ‘World Championship, the year-end tournament for the world’s largest sport, has been moved from China to an currently unknown location in Europe. This competition takes place just a few weeks before the competition starts.

In a video, John Needham, global head of sports in the riots, said travel restrictions and the COVID protocol have made holding events in China a challenge. The move was first reported on Monday. Getting up.

“After considering all possible options, we concluded that moving the world to Europe provides the best opportunity for most teams and their best players to compete,” Neidham explained. “We are not ready to announce where Europe will be held at the Worlds this year, but access to the most teams and their best players will be the deciding factor.”

This will be the second big one. League of Legends The tournament will be held in Europe this year, following an invitation to mid-May season in Reykjavik, Iceland. Includes opening ceremony and mixed reality stage. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

LeagueThe World Championships are not the only sports event that has moved on in recent months. Dota 2.The International, starting in October, was originally scheduled to take place in Stockholm, Sweden, but was moved to Bucharest, Romania, due to a ban on sports events.

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