The Windows 11 taskbar is getting a “share” button for teams.


Microsoft has announced the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview build. This makes using Microsoft Teams with Windows 11 an even more enjoyable experience, as you can quickly present a window to teams from the taskbar.

With the new feature, you can quickly share content in your Microsoft Teams Meeting directly from your taskbar from the open Windows app. This came shortly after Microsoft added a mute button to the taskbar working in Thames, so it looks like Microsoft is focusing on making its meeting app an integral part of the Windows 11 experience.

In a blog post, Microsoft explains the new feature:

The experiment, which also starts with Microsoft teams, eliminates the need to move all applications back and forth just to share or reshare the window. There’s nothing wrong with your meeting participants or what they see on the screen – share an open window during your call.

Although it’s not just Microsoft teams that get this feature. “Other communications applications can add this capability to their applications,” the company said. This means that if Zoom or Google Mate chooses to add support for this feature, it will work there as well.

Currently, Microsoft is gradually rolling out the new feature, so you may not be able to see it on your computer even if you are a member of the Windows 11 Insider program. If you don’t have it yet, you’ll have to wait a while for it to reach you. The company also did not say when it will be released on Windows 11.

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