The viral ‘Apparently Baby’ video only got one pitch perfect soundtrack.

Remember “Apparently Baby”, which went viral after repeatedly dropping the word “Apparent” during an interview at the Wayne County Fair? This irreplaceable exchange of 2014 now has its own soundtrack, and this pitch is perfect.

Pianist and songwriter Brendan Etherge was interviewed and posted a split-screen YouTube video called “Apparently Baby – The Mini Musical.” It shows the musician playing a reggaeton-style piano with little Noah Ritter as he makes humorous comments on his experience at the Kindergarten Festival. A smiling Ethergge turned his play to Ritter’s passionate remarks, and it’s all a matter of joy.

If you remember “apparently a child” for the first time, Ritter captures the hearts with his free use of a word that is generally considered adult.

When a local reporter asks what Reuters thought about the ride at the festival, he looks straight at the camera. “It was great,” he says, “and apparently I’ve never been on live television before, but apparently sometimes I don’t watch the news because I’m a kid and apparently Grandpa gives me a remote. Powerball.” ۔ ”

Ritter then grabs Mike from the reporter like a boss and keeps talking about the ride, which he apparently liked. Ritter is natural for television – he went on to captivate an audience on the Allen show – and Ethereum gave him the best music for future audition reels.

Etheridge, based in New York, has previously provided music for the footage. A lawyer who went to the hearing like a cat. And talking to Anthony Foucault about the CDC Mask Guidelines. Watch the original seemingly child interview that influenced the latest Ethereum structure below.

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