The United States, the European Union and its allies hit Belarus with coordinated sanctions

Brussels (AFP) – United States, European UnionOn Thursday, Britain and Canada imposed simultaneous sanctions on dozens of officials, organizations and companies in the country Belarus, with the I Targeting those accused of participating in a “mixed attack” on the bloc using migrants.

target the four Belarus Since the president Alexander Lukashenko He won another term in office last year after elections that the West and other observers say were rigged, and because of the security crackdown on peaceful protesters that followed.

The US State Department said the US Treasury “has identified three aircraft as proscribed property and has designated 32 individuals and entities, including Belarus state-owned enterprises, government officials, and other persons, who support and facilitate the regime’s suppression.”

The IMeanwhile, it has imposed travel bans and asset freezes on 17 other people, including senior border guards officials, military personnel, government representatives and judges.

The measures also affected air carriers – including the government carrier Bellavia – And the accused travel groups I To help bring immigrants to Belarus With the aim of helping them cross into the 27-nation bloc, mainly through Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Britain said it had imposed sanctions on “eight Belarusian individuals responsible for the repression and human rights abuses”. It also froze the assets of OJSC Belaruskali, one of the largest producers of potash fertilizers in the world, which is a major source of revenue for the company. Belarus Government.

“Today’s actions demonstrate our firm resolve to act in the face of a brutal regime that increasingly oppresses Belarusians, undermines peace and security in Europe, and continues to offend people who only seek to live in freedom,” the Foreign Ministry said.

At least 8,000 migrants, many of them Iraqis, have entered Iraq I Without permission this year from Belarus. Lithuania and Poland declared a state of emergency at their borders to prevent people from crossing. Several people died, trapped in Poland-Belarus The border area in sub-zero temperatures.

With that in mind, the I targeted Bellavia. Migrants wishing to cross the border unionThe external border of the Foreign Ministry was heading to Minsk on flights operated by Bellavia From a number of Middle Eastern countries, notably Lebanon, the Emirates (UAE) and Turkey.

Cham Wing Airlines, which operates flights from Syria to Belarus, is also in Iview. She is accused of intensifying flights from Damascus to Minsk during the summer and establishing new offices in Belarus Capital to better organize shuttles.

Also on the list is the state tourism company Tsentrkurort, which was I Claims helped at least 51 Iraqis obtain visas Belarus And organize bus transportation for them to the border.

The Minsk Hotel Company and Planeta Hotel, which are linked to the Presidential Property Management Directorate of Belarus, are accused of harboring migrants with the aim of reaching the border.

The I It also targeted VIP Grub, a passport and visa service based in Istanbul, Turkey. The sanctions list says the company “organizes flights to Belarus With the intent of facilitating immigration to I. VIP Grub actively announces immigration to I. “

I The head of foreign policy, Josep Borrell, said the bloc would not tolerate “the systematic and politically motivated exploitation of human beings by Lukashenko regime.”

“This cynical strategy of exploiting the weak is an abhorrent attempt to divert attention from the regime’s continuing disregard for international law and fundamental freedoms and human rights in BelarusBorrell said in a statement.


Jill Lawless from London contributed to this report.

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