The United States has sued Uber, saying the waiting fee discriminates against people with disabilities.

The federal government is suing Ober for discriminating against people with disabilities by charging a fee when drivers have to wait for passengers to board their vehicles.

Uber’s “wait time” fee starts within two minutes of the driver’s arrival, and is charged until the vehicle starts traveling. According to the Justice Department, Uber increased fees in a few cities in April 2016. Eventually, they spread across the country.

In its lawsuit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Northern California, the Justice Department says Uber is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act because it failed to modify its fees for those who It may take extra time to get in the Uber car.

The lawsuit alleges that Uber received a fee even when it knew the delay was due to disability.

Uber said Wednesday that it was actively negotiating with the Department of Justice and was shocked and disappointed by the lawsuit.

Uber said in a statement: “After waiting two minutes, all riders are charged a waiting time fee to compensate drivers, but this was not for riders who arrived at their designated pick-up point. Yes, but they need more time to get in the car. “

Uber said its policy is to refund waiting times for disabled riders whenever they notify the company that they have been replaced. The company said that until last week, any rider who confirms that he is disabled will have his fee automatically waived.

The San Francisco-based company says the average wait time fee charged from riders is less than 60 cents.

Uber said: “We do not fundamentally agree that our policies violate the ADA and we will continue to improve our products to support the ability of everyone to move freely in their communities. Coins. “

The lawsuit asks the court to order Uber to change its policy, train its staff and drivers, and pay financial damages to those who were subject to ADA violators’ waiting time fees. ۔ It also wants to pay civil fines to Uber.


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