The United Nations has called for a global database of human gene modification research

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The United Nations has called for a global database of human gene modification research

The World Health Organization has issued new recommendations on human genome modification, calling for a global registry to monitor “any genetic manipulation” and to raise concerns about unethical or unsafe research. Whistleblowing mechanisms have been proposed.

LONDON – The World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday issued new recommendations for modifying the human genome, calling for a global registry to track “any kind of genetic manipulation” and unethical or unsafe research. A whistle-blowing mechanism has been proposed to raise concerns.

In two reports on Monday, the WHO’s expert group said all studies on the evolution of the human genome should be made public, although the committee noted that it was not necessary to stop unnecessary scientists.

The group said: “In the field of stem cell research, mismanaged business people and clinicians have deliberately incorrectly entered clinical trial registries into the methods they plan as if they had been given appropriate approval for clinical trials. Yes, “said the group, which made sure to research the genetic modification. The entries in their database are reviewed and approved by the ethics committee.

When the Chinese scientist announced that he had altered the twins’ DNA to prevent them from catching HIV, he said that he did not know the university where he worked and that his work He himself had provided financial support for He was later sentenced to three years in prison for “illegal medical practices.”

The WHO expert group also said that the UN agency should develop ways to identify any possible identification of genetic modification cases, adding that “the integrity of the investigation has been violated.” A mechanism for reporting should be developed. “

One of the committee’s experts, Robin Lollbeig of the Francis Kirk Institute, cited a number of incidents where scientists in Russia, Ukraine and Turkey have been pressured to plan controversial genetic modification experiments to avoid Demanded a formal whistleblower.

Nevertheless, the group acknowledged that while gene modification techniques are cheaper and easier to use, the WHO’s ability to oversee such research is limited. The UN agency also does not have the authority to force countries to cooperate in the event of a public health emergency.

But rich countries have made little effort to quickly distribute their food to poorer countries, even as coyote grows in Africa and Southeast Asia. Since then, more than 3 billion vaccines have been administered globally, less than 2% in poor countries.


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