The unadorned Chevrolet Silverado is driven by the city watchman somehow making the cut as a float show

WATERLOO, IA – Saying they initially thought the car signaled the end of the morning festivities, witnesses reported Friday that an unadorned Chevy Silverado pickup driven by the city controller somehow snapped as a float plane. “I assumed they had opened the street again to normal traffic, but then I heard someone say this guy is the city’s financial chief or something,” said Marvin Whitmore, a 52-year-old local man. A truck with no tassels, fringe, cardboard banners, or civic organization members sitting on hay bales in the back is worthy of the 77th Annual Fall Harvest Festival. “He doesn’t have a hat or a scarf or anything, just plain clothes. And he doesn’t even wave. The least he could do is throw out some candy for the kids. Otherwise, it’s just kind of weird.” At press time, Whitmore is seen jumping up and down and cheering wildly as the Controller flashes his lights and blasts his horn.


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