The U.S. Surgeon General says he is “anxious for the future” and warns that “this epidemic is not over.”

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The U.S. Surgeon General says he is “anxious for the future” and warns that “this epidemic is not over.”

  • Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said he was “worried” about the increase in COVID-19 cases.
  • “We are seeing an increase in cases, especially among non-attack victims,” ​​Murthy said on CRN’s “State of the Union”.
  • His comments came at a time when Delta’s variability is reducing states’ vaccination rates.

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said he was “worried about what was to come” and that the increase in cassava was due to the “COVID-19 epidemic not over”, especially among those who have not yet received the vaccine.

“I’m worried about the situation because we’re seeing a growing number of cases, especially among non-attackers,” Hill said of CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. ” “And if you are vaccinated against polio, you are very well protected from hospitalization and death. Unfortunately, this is not true if you are not vaccinated.”Murthy’s comments come at a time when COVID-19 cases are on the rise across the United States due to the delta’s variations. As Insider’s Area Bandix noted earlier, in the last two weeks, such incidents have increased by 60%, especially in states where vaccination rates are low. Last week, President Joe Biden said that social media platforms like Facebook are killing people because misinformation about vaccines is being spread.

During the interview, host Dana Bash asked Murthy if the conservative media was also responsible for sharing false information about the vaccine.

Murthy replied, “I think we all, including the media … individuals, and health professionals have a responsibility to tell the truth about health … as science informs us.” “Unless we are honest about the results of our communication with people, unless we are strict about making sure that what we communicate is in fact extracted from science and There is no consensus on important issues like vaccines. Then we will eventually persuade people to risk it.


“My concern is that all this misinformation that is actually going on has a real value that can be measured in lost lives and it’s just tragic,” Murthy added.

In an interview on Fox News Sunday He added: “This epidemic is not over.”


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