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The true story that inspired Red Tide

Season 10 of American Horror Story presents a sinister premise inspired by the real life of the Cape Cod Vampire who committed several murders in the 1960s.

in a american horror storyThe second vampire premise, season 10 red tide Actually inspired by the true story of Cape Cod Vampire. This isn’t the first time Ryan Murphy has incorporated true, terrifying stories into his series: murder houseBlack Dahlia’s movie Black Dahlia comes from real life murder case covenDelphine LaLaurie and Marie Laveau are true historical characters, Cortez was inspired by Season 5 of the creepy Hotel Cecil, and Season 7 features reenactments of several real-life cults. After facing a frenzy of horror at the camp of a teenage serial killer in the ’80s in Season 9, Ryan Murphy decides to return to real-life inspiration in the story that begins AHS Season ten.

American Horror Story: Red Tide Follows struggling screenwriter Harry Gardner as he moves to Provincetown, Cape Cod, for the winter with his pregnant wife Doris and young violinist daughter Alma in hopes of curing her writer’s condition. Once introduced to other talented writers like Belle Noir and Austin Somers in AHSHarry, a port city, discovers that the residents have a dark secret: gifted individuals come for the winter and take a mysterious black pill made by The Chemist, which gives users intense inspiration, though it has the strange side effect of making one a vampire that sucks blood. When someone who is not gifted takes the black seed, it has the most negative side effects of becoming a pale person, losing their hair and cognitive abilities while concentrating only on the cannibals need to quench their thirst for blood.

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according to digital spy, an early dialogue piece for red tide He cited a partial real-life inspiration when Harry mentioned a family from Truro, a place nearby AHSProvincetown, dead in their beds with their throats slashed. This specific scene features several references to notorious New England serial killer Anton Charles “Tony” Costa, a carpenter and pot farmer who committed several murders in Truro with the notable signature of leaving bite marks on the necks of his victims, earning him the nickname “Vampire Cape Cod”. .” In 1969, Costa was suspected of murdering eight women in a Massachusetts town, although he was only convicted of the murders of Patricia Walsh and Mary Ann Whisocki. In clear connection to AHS: Red TideWysoki’s bodies were washed ashore and another victim’s body was found cut to pieces on the Costa land.

Another disturbing aspect of the Cape Cod vampire story seems to be the inspiration american horror story Black beans season 10 That turns the population into vampires. Costa suggested that at least four murders occurred while he and a friend were high on LSD and Dilaudid while also claiming that the deaths of Susan Berry and Sidney Monzon were apparently due to drug overdoses. In an even deeper connection American Horror Story: Red TideCosta was actually buried in an unmarked grave in Provincetown. Since the series frequents the city cemetery when showing Pale People walking around or Alma feeding a rabbit, it’s possible AHS He will close the call by showing his grave or indicating that he is buried there.

inside american horror storyIn the first few episodes, it was hinted that many prominent people are taking the Black Pill Vampires, including show maker Ryan Murphy Even Quentin Tarantino. AHS: Red Tide Episode 4 will feature flashbacks in some of the characters’ introductions to black pills, specifically Bill and Austin. After The Chemist was just introduced at the end of Episode 3, it seems american horror story It will give more history to the concept of the pill, who took it in the city, and the tragic users who turned into the terrifying pale people. As the Cape Cod Vampire seems to have provided some inspiration for the season’s disturbing neck murders, the demise of his real life may indicate that Harry and Alma’s actions in American Horror Story: Red Tide He will face similar repercussions and tragedies.

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