The toxic feud between Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch began with a ‘pathetic’ insult

Respondent actor Martin Freeman was close friends with Sherlock co-star Benedict Cumberbatch on the BBC show – but behind the scenes they formed a tense rivalry that started almost immediately.

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Exclusive Sherlock supremacy sees Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman perform a storm

Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch may have played best friends in Sherlock – but the reality couldn’t be more different.

On camera, they played inseparable friends of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson in four series, although many believe there could have been another if the two had actually gone on.

The couple reportedly did not spend time together between filming scenes and did not develop a friendship over the six years of working together.

A source told The Sun in January 2017, “Benedict and Martin are not soulmates and do not spend time together away from the show.”

“They are very professional and polite to each other but there is no warmth that you would expect after shooting together for six years. There is not much desire to be back for another season.”

Their “tepid relationship” was kept a secret, but it was exposed when one called the other “pathetic”.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman starred in the BBC series Sherlock


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The Office star Freeman has described his displeasure with the intense fan interest that Sherlock has generated.

“Being on this show, it’s a little Beatles thing. People’s expectations, some of them just aren’t fun anymore,” he said.

“It’s not something to be enjoyed, it’s something of: ‘You’d better do this, or else you’re smitten.'” It’s not fun anymore. It’s not something to be enjoyed anymore.”

However, Cumberbatch disagreed during an interview with The Telegraph in April 2018 and criticized the co-star’s comments.

In response to his response, he said, “I am very grateful for the support, but this is about him. It takes its own thing. But that happens with every franchise or entity like this.”

“It’s pathetic if that’s all it takes for you not to want to be in control of your reality. What, because of expectations? I don’t necessarily agree with that.”

Cumberbatch’s scathing remarks may come as a shock to fans BBC series, but many in the industry were already aware of the growing tension between the pair.

They were best friends on the show



When Benedict married Sophie Hunter in February 2015, Sherlock viewers began to speculate that Martin would be his best man.

However, it wasn’t even filmed at weddings, although Andrew Scott who played villain Moriarty was seen serving the Isle of Wight.

Perhaps giving a nod to their relationship at the time, Cumberbatch made a joke when asked about Internet campaigns to make Freeman his best man.

“I’m sure they do, I’m sure they do,” he said, then added, “I think we’ll let the internet talk to Martin Freeman.”

Freeman was also very adamant that their characters wouldn’t end up as lovers, despite it being the dream of many hard-core fans.

“There were a lot of people who just knew it was going to end with us meeting,” the actor said. telegraph.

“Ben and I, we literally never had a moment like lovers. We’re not lovers.”

Martin wasn’t the best man for Benedict at his actual wedding



It was said that their rivalry began almost as soon as they were chosen because they have similar profiles in the world of entertainment.

50-year-old Freeman rose to fame as Tim Canterbury in The Office in 2001, while 45-year-old Cumberbatch made it big as Julian Assange in 2013 at Fifth Estate and Alan Turing in The Imitation Game in 2014.

Some believe there may have been jealousy and cited an interview Martin gave about his star’s growing profile in 2014 after he earned an Academy Award nomination.

“a path [Benedict’s rise] Too extreme. “He deserves it in his condition, because it’s really good,” said Freeman, who then claimed it wasn’t for him.

“But to this extent? No thanks. I love being a moving target. I’ve had enough crazy in my life without being there all the time.”

Embarrassingly, the pair would go on to appear in The Hobbit films together.

But this time Martin was in the spotlight as leading man Bilbo Baggins, while Benedict captures the sound and movement of the villains, Smaug the Dragon and the evil lord Sauron.

Martin Freeman, Amanda Abington and Benedict Cumberbatch in an interview



Both are now part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but in diametrically opposite roles.

Cumberbatch’s stock has skyrocketed since signing a multi-picture deal to play Dr. Stephen Strange, most recently dazzling audiences in Spider-Man No Way Home and in his self-titled movie in 2016.

While Freeman has appeared in two Marvel films, Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther, as a lesser known character Everett K. Ross, a US State Department employee who will also appear in the upcoming movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

They haven’t yet shared any scenes together in the MCU but there is a possibility that they will happen in the future.

As for Sherlock, a fifth series has been written but creator Stephen Moffat has stated that his making relies on the two stars.

Moffat wrote in 2017: “Re: The Future of Sherlock – For those of you who ask, it’s definitely the end. From Chapter One.”

Dr. Watson is now Doyle’s brave widower and Sherlock Holmes has become the wise, humane version of the main series of stories (we’ve so far focused on cold-blooded Holmes in the early days).

“Whether we get to chapter two – our boys consciously living the legend and fighting wrongdoers – rather depends on our two stars. I’d be a little surprised if we didn’t do it again. But I was surprised before.”

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