The Tesla iPhone app gets better visuals, better widgets.

Tesla has updated its iOS smartphone app with improved widgets, new controls and other features for the company’s electric car owners.

Although the basic functionality of the app has not been changed, however, the visuals have been improved. Nota Tesla app.. However, there are some new features, including the need to wake up the car first without being able to send commands to the Tesla car from the iPhone. Additionally, users can unlock multiple Tesla vehicles using their phone key.

Other updates include new 3D representations of the vehicle and more fluid animations as users navigate through the app. Tesla has also removed the app’s dedicated charging section, and implemented charging information only when a vehicle is plugged in.

Speed ​​limit, wallet mode, and sanitary mode settings have been moved to a new “security” category, and users can view supercharging history from within the app.

There are also two different sized widgets that can be added to the iPhone home screen. The widget contains details of vehicle name, battery percentage, location or charging information, unlocked status and last update time. Previously, the Tesla app only included very few comprehensive widgets in the “Today” view.

The Tesla app is available from the iOS App Store starting Thursday. Android version should come soon.


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