The strike boosted access to the new early access program through its early platform.

Strike, a cryptocurrency wallet provider that benefits Bitcoin’s lighting network, has announced a new one. API Platform It aims to serve the digital payments and online marketplace industries. The company is announcing an initial partnership with Twitter.

with reference to. Integration Along with Twitter, Strike’s API is enabling part of the functionality that powers the social media company’s new TIPS feature. End users will now be able to tip Twitter accounts directly via cryptocurrency without leaving the user’s profile. Jack Millers, the strike’s founder and CEO, said in a statement:

“Today, with the Strike API, the world’s largest Internet company is able to collaborate with the world’s largest global monetary network that pays anywhere in the world, cheaper, faster, and uses of payments. Opens a new set of never seen before. “

To increase access to this API infrastructure, Strike has announced a new early access program that will allow companies globally to access technology. Be sure to check out Twitter. Blog post Strike’s API documentation to learn more about the new TIPS feature and to learn more about the infrastructure.

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