The space station is ready for a ridiculous operation to dodge space debris.

ISS is a major target for space debris, but it is not a sitting duck.


The bad news: there it is. Space debris Coming very close to the International Space Station. The good news is: it has been spotted, and the ISS will do its best to stay safe.

The Russian space agency Roscosmos announced on Wednesday that an automatic warning system had spotted a piece of space debris, which was estimated to be approximately 2,000 feet above the ISS on Thursday (1 a.m. UTC) US time on Thursday. (600 meters).

Roscosmos experts have calculated an orbital correction. A Russian Progress Cargo spacecraft has sunk on the ISS that will fire its engines for 361 seconds later today, or just six minutes, to derail the space station.

The wreckage belongs to Fengyun-1C, a seasonal satellite that China deliberately destroyed in an anti-satellite test in 2007. As a result, a paper about a cloud of debris estimates that the satellite broke into about 4,000 objects large enough to be tracked, as well as several thousand smaller pieces.

The ISS has had to dodge space junk before. One “Unknown piece of space debris” in late 2020 He did the same thing. In May 2021, a routine inspection revealed that a different and A small piece of debris collided with the station’s robotic arm.Leaving a visible mark.

Space junk is a growing problem as inefficient satellites, spacecraft fragments and rocket remnants block orbit. NASA says the ISS typically has to lubricate space debris about once a year: “If something else is likely to come within a few kilometers of the International Space Station (ISS), The ISS will generally avoid this if the probability of a collision is more than 1 in 10,000. “

There are currently three astronauts on the ISS: Anton Schipplerov and Posar Dobrov of Roscosmos and Mark Wendy of NASA. Four other astronauts have recently returned from orbit. End of the SpaceX Crew-2 mission. The SpaceX Crew-3 mission is scheduled to begin later on Wednesday.

As much as Satellites and spacecraft go into orbit. Around the earth, the problem of garbage will continue to grow while efforts to clean it up will continue (Like this space harpoon test And These five ideas) Are coming slowly.

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