The Satechi GaN Charger lineup is perfect for Apple users – Overview.

Last month, Satichi launched a new GaN lineup of compact and powerful USB-C chargers for Mac, iPhone, iPad and more. We’ve been able to test all the models that feature the ultra-powerful 108W output with 3 ports – enough to speed up the MacBook Pro while charging the iPhone and iPad at the same time. ۔ Read on to find out why these are the best chargers for Apple users.

All new Satechi GaN chargers are far more compact than Apple’s standard MacBook chargers and include more ports (for the 66 and 108W versions). Here are all the output variations that they provide automatically.

Details of Satechi GaN USB-C Charger

  • 108W 3 Port USB-C GaN Charger – $ 74.99.
    • 100W for 1 device.
    • 60W / 45W for 2 devices.
    • 88W / 20W for 2 devices.
    • 45W / 30W / 30W for 3 devices.
    • 58W / 30W / 20W for 3 devices.
    • 65W / 20W / 20W for 3 devices.
  • 100W GaN USB-C Wall Charger – $ 69.99.
    • High power charger for 1 device at a time.
    • Enough power for any Apple MacBook, including the 15- and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Design and construction.

With a much more compact design than Apple’s stock MacBook chargers, the Satichi Gun USB-C chargers have a black and space gray finish that better matches Apple’s hardware.

You get folding prongs that save space but with more power and ports. Above are the 3-port 66W and 108W models, and below is a look at how small the 100W USB-C wall charger is compared to Apple’s 87W power adapter.

As is typical for Satchi, you are getting a standard build that should last for years and years. And the chargers are ETL and CE certified to ensure that they are completely safe to use with your devices.

In use

After spending a few weeks with the Satechi USB-C GaN charger lineup, I’ve stopped accessing another charger. Although there are many options on the market, many compact GaN chargers have an external cord to manage and carry. The combination of Gun Tech, folding prongs, 3-port design, and Stitchie quality makes it the perfect charger for Apple users.

66W and 108W 3 port chargers are my favorites. No matter what devices you have, they offer the ability to charge MacBooks, iPhones and iPads. And with some setup, charge your iPhone and iPad with your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

I also like the space saving design of these chargers. Take a closer look at the AirPods Pro Charging Case:

And next to Apple’s 87W power adapter is the 66W 3-port model:

Satechi GaN USB-C Charger Wrap

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to your flagship Apple device charger or a secondary option, I don’t think you could be wrong here. All Stachy’s models cost less than Apple’s nearest Power Equivalent version (which is less powerful) and you get the most compact design with 3 USB-C ports and black / gray color.

One thing to keep in mind, these chargers are sold without a cable. If you need something, Satichi Nylon makes some of the best braiding options.

You can pick up a GaN USB-C charger directly from Stitch and also have it in stock from its Amazon Store front.

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